Livestream Wellness Q&A with MHB

Hi beauties!

The Q&A sessions before our weekly Custom Workout Livestream workouts have been so enjoyable! Self care is very important but especially during stressful times. I've really enjoyed getting the chance to share part of my day with you all each week and to connect about wellness and workouts!

I'm loving the variety of questions I've received from all of you and wish I had time during each session to answer them all! Below is a peek inside our first Live Wellness Q&A. If you missed it, I think you will love getting the chance to listen to everyone's questions! We talk about tips for staying in tune with your body during stress and anxiety, favorite skincare products, and workout routines plus healthy snacks and more!This is only the beginning, leave us a comment below with your Wellness questions and don't forget to subscribe to our channel on YouTube! See you for our next LIVE Subscriber workout!

Mary Helen