Make the Cardio Fat Burn DVD work for you!

Hello Beauties!

We are so excited to announce the release of our new Cardio Fat Burn DVD! Having initially debuted BB Cardio workouts on our site back in 2011 (be sure to check out our Intro to Cardio video if you haven’t yet!) we are delighted to now have a DVD option to take things to the next level.

Compared to our original DVDs and many of our online streaming videos built around mat work, this is a high intensity, high impact workout! *Note – there are some modifications for enjoying the cardio portion of the DVD with less impact, more on that to come. The DVD includes a really fun and challenging mix of Allegra cardio intervals with targeted mat work. The interval workouts in the DVD are terrific for reving the metabolism and losing weight. While the workout is very different from our first two DVDs which focus more on  toning and building strength, it’s a terrific complement for our Beauties looking for a new challenge and a serious, fat burning, sweat!

Warning: This DVD is a killer, but so FUN! Since it is a high intensity, fast paced workout, we have had a ton of Beauties reaching out full of excitement and with a few questions about how to use the DVD and make it a part of an ideal BB routine. The DVD is such a wonderful complement to your BB lifestyle so check out a few of my suggestions below and have fun with it!

Cardio intervals are one of my favorite training secrets for speeding up the metabolism when you are looking to lose extra weight. If you have been using BB for a while and are seeing terrific results already check out program 2 which is more of a maintenance schedule for enhancing your results.

Program 1: If you are looking to lose weight

 2-3 days BB Cardio Fat Burn, 2-3 days BB Total Body WorkoutBody Blast DVD or Full Body Custom Workout program. This program will add a new high intensity level of cardio to your workout and still provide for the amazing toning, stretching and lengthening that Ballet Beautiful is known for. Once you reach your weight loss goals adjust down to program 2 #BBquicktip for many body types 3 days/wk of high intensity cardio will not be needed!

Program 2: Maintenance Phase and taking BB to the next level

– 3-5 days/wk of our  BB Total Body WorkoutBody Blast DVD or Full Body Custom Workout program online and 1-2 days max of the Cardio Fat Burn DVD.  This is an ideal rotation for anyone that has already acheived their fitness goals with BB and looking to maintain, tweak and improve. It’s also my typical workout rotation!  For our moms-to be, I’m not using any high impact exercises while pregnant but am really looking forward to picking up with the DVD after the baby comes!  If you are only working out 3 days/wk you could also try swapping in the new Cardio Fat Burn DVD one day a week every week or two.

Have a beautiful workout and let me know how it goes! xoMH