Mary Helen’s 10 Tips for Your Best Year Yet!

1. Start TODAY

When it comes to wellness it’s all too easy to put off achieving your goals. I think everyone can relate to telling ourselves: tomorrow I am working out or this is my last meal/sweet/treat before I start my diet. Don’t get caught in this trap! Give yourself more flexibility and begin today. You are worth it.

2. Forget about all or nothing

The all or nothing mentality towards our health can be very destructive! This black and white thinking sets us up for failure. It’s too extreme and unrealistic. Even if this was your approach in the past it’s not too late to reboot and restart.

3.  Celebrate change!

Change is the path FORWARD. Yes, it can be challenging to seek and implement change but making improvements to your health and fitness will be worth the work! Look at the positive side of the changes you seek and celebrate it.

4.  Believe in yourself

Yes! You can have the body and the life that you want and deserve. Believing in yourself and your goals will help you to accomplish them.

5.  Make it happen with a schedule

Sit down and set aside time for yourself to train at least three days a week. You may not have a full hour every day but you can come up with 15-20 minutes a few days a week to train. Keep it realistic and stick with it.

6. Invest in yourself!

Fitness and good health are central to living a happy life. Invest in a program that helps you reach your goals like our Custom Workout Subscription. The flexible schedule, personalized programs, and ability to build your own playlists make Ballet Beautiful attainable everyday!

7. Be accountable to YOU

Outside pressure will never result in lasting change. To reach your health goals you have to make yourself a priority and that means holding yourself accountable for your achievements and failures. It has to come from YOU.

8. Tune out negativity

Negative voices and influences can pull us down. Learn how to tune out and shut out the negative in your own head and life. Sometimes negative forces are huge and obvious, but sometimes it’s as simple as someone whining, gossiping or doubting your success. You cannot stop someone else’s negativity but you can protect yourself by refusing to let it pull you down.

9. Define your own happiness

This one can be challenging but it is so important. Learning that happiness comes from within rather than an outside force gives you control in almost every situation. It empowers you as the individual and gives you the control to make the choices in your every day life that make you feel your happiest and best.

10. Simplify things and look ahead

Sometimes life is too complicated and busy to get it all done. I like to simplify life by thinking about what is really important to me. Spending time in the dance studio or a gym became stressful and time consuming to me so I shifted my perspective to focus what makes me feel good - dancing and working out. With Ballet Beautiful I’ve learned that I can make that happen every day, in my own space on my own terms and walk away feeling confident, empowered and strong.