Mary Helen's Go-To 10 Minute Workouts

Hello Beauties!

With spring in full swing, we are looking for ways to maximize our Ballet Beautiful workouts and results. Did you know you can get an incredible full body, barre or swan arms workout in under 10 minutes with our Custom Workout Subscription?

Below are 10 favorite Ballet Beautiful Workouts in under 10 minutes in our exclusive Streaming Library. Add them to your next playlist or add a few onto your Custom Workout. Any of these workouts can be done individually if you are really squeezed for time, or paired together for a more complete workout. Each video targets different muscle groups and compliments each other. Our 10 Under 10 playlist can be broken down into two great workouts - by following along with videos 1-5, or 6-10. And if you want a really challenging Ballet Beautiful experience, try all 10 together!

Have a beautiful workout!

Workout 1 - Full Body Power Blast

When short on time, this is a great workout because it targets your core, outer thighs, glutes, and arms! It's great as a standalone workout, or combined with some of the other picks in this playlist to work even deeper on those muscles.

Workout 2 - Inner Thigh Burn

This is a great leg-toning exercise, focused on the inner thighs. As the title suggests, you're going to feel the burn!

Workout 3 - Ballerina Butt and Thigh Blast

This workout targets the butt, hamstrings, and outer thighs. It's short and challenging, and actually works your core and arms at the same time as a bonus.

Workout 4 - Barre Sculpt Attitude Side

This is a great full-body workout that engages just about every muscle in your body, primarily strengthening your core and shaping the waistline.

Workout 5 - Swan Arms 7-min

Swan Arms is a Ballet Beautiful staple that gracefully tones your arms.

Workout 6 - Bridge Blast

While Bridge Blast mainly targets the glutes, it also works on the hamstrings and engages the core.

Workout 7 - Supermodel Outer Thigh

This is a burning outer thigh exercise that tones your legs and gets you in bikini shape in no time!

Workout 8 - Ballet Abs

This is a perfect all-around ab workout. It targets your upper and lower abdominal muscles and obliques.

Workout 9 - Prima Series: Cardio Burn

This workout targets every muscle in your body while toning your outer thighs and glute muscles. It keeps your core engaged throughout the whole exercise, works your arms, and gets your heart rate up for great cardio!

Workout 10 - Hip Stretch

This is a perfect full-body stretch, focused on opening the hips and stretching and lengthening your muscles. It is a perfect way to round out any workout, or just to do on its own.