Mary Helen's Healthy Leftover Lunches!

The busier I am the less time I have to think about lunch! When my schedule gets jammed with work and the kids I tend to wait too long to figure out what I am eating which throws everything off. One of my top ways for staying on top of my schedule and making sure I’m eating healthy is using leftovers for lunch.

Sometimes I have a picture perfect meal at the ready and sometimes I am building off of leftovers from my daughter’s lunch like organic frozen peas and corn. I try not to worry too much about a particular recipe and focus on what is pre-cooked and ready to go in my kitchen. I generally look for meals with a nice balance of protein, fiber and fats. I am breastfeeding now so protein is even more essential. A few of my quick and easy favorites include: boiled eggs, fresh mozzarella and left over chicken or steak. I then add in something green (could be lettuce or cooked veggies), and a complex carb like sweet potatoes or whole wheat pasta to balance it all out!

Here are a few of my favorite quick, healthy and nourishing lunches that I pulled together using the leftovers in my kitchen:


Favorite Salad



Leftlover Lunch!

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