Mary Helen's Postnatal Playlist

After a having baby my most immediate fitness goals focus on rebuilding strength without over working the core. As I get stronger and more confident I add in extra cardio and slowly work my way back to more challenging abdominal and full body workouts.

Below is my current postnatal playlist. Before getting started be sure to check first with your Doctor and listen to your body as you go.  Which workouts are your favorite after baby?

1. Daily Dance: Stretch

I always find that my body is so tight in the months after delivering. This stretch is gentle and restorative and great for opening up the hips which can be so tight at this time. It’s great at the beginning or end of a workout. 

2. Postnatal Abs & Toning

I love this workout for comprehensive toning! When you're feeling stronger and ready for a greater challenge swap in the 15 minute Ballet Beautiful Body workout.

3. C-Section Core Rebuild

Whether you have a c section or not this is a fantastic workout to rebuild strength without overdoing it on the core. 

4. C-Section Toning

This is another great one for building back muscle tone and strength!

5. Swan Arms: The Classic

A killer workout for your arms and upper body! (You’ll need the strength for holding your baby!)

6. Postnatal Full Body Blast 

This standing workout incorporates low impact cardio. Once the baby is a few months old I love this for speeding up the metabolism and a deeper burn! 

7. Postnatal Abs

My go-to ab workout after baby! These exercises strengthen the core when you are ready for a Bigger challenge.