Winter is almost over, and Spring is just around the corner. I am already dreaming of fun spring looks with cute Ballet Beautiful flats, leotards and fewer layers. With warmer weather approaching, I am ready to jump start spring training with a serious full body workout to wake up those winter muscles and prepare for an invigorating spring!

Below is an example of a challenging workout that I use to help clients get in tip-top shape. These are some of my favorite exercises and tips to change up and maximize your Ballet Beautiful workouts, so slip on your ballet slippers and let’s get started!

Ballet Beautiful STRETCH

Brittney is wearing Sweetheart Half-Sleeve Leotard, Lily Legwarmers, and the Ballet Beautiful Seamed Tights.   

Stretching is a central part of the Ballet Beautiful method and a natural place to begin spring training. Some of my favorites include: the classic hamstring stretch, inner thigh stretch, seated hip opener, and standing stretch for your legs. The Ballet Beautiful Stretch Bundle is a video series that walks you through all of these wonderful stretches and ties it all together.

*MH Tip: Incorporate one stretch video before your workout and one or two once you are finished for optimal results! Flexibility will increase with daily stretching, and the muscles respond to stretching best when they are already warm.

Ballet Beautiful CORE

Abs are very important for getting into your best shape, and I love focusing on the core right from the start of a workout. Engaging and strengthening the stomach and center makes me aware of engaging my abs for the entire workout. The BB Ab Blast Bundle and 15-min Ballet Beautiful Abs have great exercises that target the lower abs, obliques, waist and core.

*MH Tip: Start thinking about engaging your core not only in your workout but throughout your every day life. When you’re sitting on the couch relaxing with a book or watching TV, do a quick check and remind yourself to pull the stomach in tight and activate the abdominal muscles through your center and core. This goes for almost anytime throughout your day! At the office, in class or a meeting, or even standing in line at the grocery store… Any down time is a chance to think about and engage your ballet muscles!

Ballet Beautiful BUTT

The Ballet Beautiful Bridge Series is a favorite of mine because it immediately sculpts and tightens the legs, butt, hips, center and thighs. I love to take this classic workout move up a notch by doing it on the dome, which is a supermodel favorite. By increasing the range of motion, this workout becomes even harder!

* MH Tip: Even if you don’t have a dome at home try practicing the bridge with your feet on a fluffy couch cushion or two for extra lift and that famous Ballet Beautiful Burn!

Ballet Beautiful LEGS

No workout is complete without our killer inner and outer thigh work. These exercises are some of my favorites for creating the long, lean muscles that define a dancer’s ballet legs. The Ballerina Leg Blast, Classic Inner Thigh, and Hip and Thigh Workout in our Custom Workout and Classic 60-Minute Workout are some of my favorites for lean ballerina legs!

* MH Tip: Ballerinas are famous for their toned lean legs. The combination of Ballet Beautiful stretching with our inner and outer thigh series makes for gorgeous ballet limbs! For best results incorporate these exercises into your Ballet Beautiful program 3-4 days/wk. When I am training intensively I do these exercises up to 5-6 days!

Ballet Beautiful CARDIO 

To finish up the workout with a bang, I do cardio and standing work to get my heart rate up. The Spring Body Blast and Skyline Cardio workouts are very challenging, and the Swan Arms Cardio DVD is always great. These workouts really burn and tighten, and they elongate the thighs, arms and butt while blasting calories.

I hope you enjoy my tips for maximizing your Ballet Beautiful spring training. We can’t wait to hear which exercises are your favorites and how you like to feel that Ballet Beautiful Burn! Wishing you a great workout! XOXO