Mary Helen's Tips for Staying Motivated

Staying motivated and having the right mindset is key for achieving your goals. Your mindset is what kicks in when you have to overcome an obstacle or solve a problem, and ultimately it is your mindset that keeps you on course to succeed.

We know it can get hard when you're tired, when you feel like you have no time, or when you have had a hard day - but that is when having the right perspective will carry you through. To get the most out of your workout you need to form a positive and healthy outlook, where you view exercise and eating healthy as a way to pamper and take care of your body, not a punishment for going overboard!

Here are some of Mary Helen's top tips for staying positive and keeping motivated:

Tune Out Negative Voices, Tune Into You

There are all sorts of negative voices and statements that can dwell in your head and mix with your own voice. They are fueled by self-doubt, insecurity, and fear and can only lead to more of the same. They are also your worst enemy when you are trying to reach your goals and build a happy, healthy life for yourself.

By simply becoming aware of the negative voices in your head and remembering that in fact they come from the outside, not from within, you can begin to take away their power. Try this the next time you hear yourself saying something negative about yourself:

- Pause and take a moment to think about what you've just said.

- Think about why you said that and why you are feeling that.

- Remind yourself that you are capable.

- Shift your focus to a challenge that you recently met successfully.

- Take a moment to remember and reconnect to your belief that you can achieve your goals.

It is extremely important that you work hard to replace negative, destructive voices with positive, encouraging, and challenging thoughts about yourself, your life, and your body!

Stay Away From Extremes and Work the Margins: 

To achieve even the loftiest of goals you must employ a simple approach that comes down to steady, consistent work, every day. Don't put pressure on yourself to take on an extreme goal - instead focus on a realistic goal that you can take on each day. Think about how you can take care of yourself and choose at least one thing to do from the BB program each day, and then focus on that. That might be a 15-minute workout, or a 60-minute workout (60% off your 1st month with code: BALLETFIT17), or swapping out your nightly dessert for fresh fruit.

Think big but remember your pacing -- small steps. Stay focused on the goal that is right in front of you. 

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