Maximize your Summer Burn!

Congratulations, Beauties you’ve finally made it to warmer weather! With summer plans and beach trips quickly approaching it’s also important to think about carving out time for yourself and your workout. One thing to keep in mind is that flexibility is key and you can do your Ballet Beautiful workout anytime and anywhere.

Below are some of our favorite exercises and programs to keep you feeling fabulous and toned, even if you only have 15 minutes before hitting the beach. We always feel just a little bit better with our ballet posture and tight muscles activated to take on the day.

BB Classic Exercises (Perform all exercises as a full series)

4 sets of 8 Swan Arms low, 4 sets of 8 Swan Arms high, 4 sets of 8 Swan Arms side

5 sets of 8 Classic Bridge, feet hip width apart

4 sets of 8 Classic Ballet Beautiful abs, lower and lift

4 sets of 8 Hold in the lower, hard to hold, ab position

4 sets of 8 Plié in first position (standing)

4 sets of 8 Relevé in second position (standing)

**Bonus try Swan Arms in the ocean or pool. The added resistance of the water increases the burn

Streaming Videos (Choose 1 video then enjoy the sun!)

Stretch & Tone: Arms and Abs

15-min Ballet Beautiful Body

Custom Workout

This is an awesome choice for our Beauties looking to maximize our exclusive Streaming Library and their results.  With access to the complete streaming library enjoy personalized weekly workouts from any location!