Meet the Trainer: Danielle

Danielle is wearing: Red Halter LeotardMesh Wrap TopClassic Legwarmers and Seamed Tights

How did you start dancing?

My mom was a dancer in Ballet Hispanico and put me in ballet class around the age of three. She introduced me to a broad spectrum of activities (violin, tennis, softball, etc), but nothing compared to my love for dance. I stuck with it ever since.

What is your favorite Ballet Beautiful workout move?

I absolutely love abs. It really helps with my posture and prevents back pain. When my core feels engaged, I can dance more freely.

What is your best healthy living tip?

I truly believe in moderation and listening to my body. In regards to my diet, I practice an 80/20 principle (80% healthy, 20% free). I never try to be extreme with my workouts either because that can lead to burnout and injury. I believe in sustainability for long term results.

What is your favorite dance memory? 

My favorite dance memory is signing my first contract with the Metropolitan Opera – after five prior attempts and three callbacks, I got the job. It was my first big professional contract. Since being hired in 2014, many doors have opened for my career.

Favorite ballet?

My favorite ballet is Romeo and Juliet. Prokofiev’s score is not only powerful, but incredibly moving – and who doesn’t love a great romance?!

Favorite go-to healthy food?

I make myself a super smoothie nearly every day (mixed berries, orange juice, 1 banana, chia seeds, almond butter, coconut oil, and mint). The combination of healthy fats, antioxidants, and protein keeps me going for hours.

What is your favorite indulgence or treat?

Easy – coffee gelato.

What piece of Ballet Beautiful activewear can you not live without?

Any of the Ballet Beautiful leotards. I wear them for company ballet class and rehearsal nearly every day. I often wear the halter leotards in the spring/summer and switch to the long sleeve mesh ones for fall/winter.

How do you style your dance wear from the studio to the streets?

I often rock any of the leotards with high waisted skirts or trousers. It’s a sleek, useful look that never fails to turn heads.

Do you have a favorite phone app that makes your life easier?

Hopstop (now known as Transit Tracker – New York). As a freelance dancer, I often find myself running around the city between training sessions, company class, and rehearsal. Hopstop gives me accurate estimates to make sure I’m never late (and always early) for appointments.

Something interesting about yourself we wouldn’t expect?

I was a complete Latin geek when I was in high school – I attended Classics events and developed a passion for Latin literature.

When you’re not dancing, we can find you…

When I’m not dancing, you can find me at the theater seeing a new show or performance.