Meet the Trainer: Erika Driscoll

Hi Beauties,

We're giving a warm welcome to our newest team member, Master Trainer, Erika Driscoll!

Ballet Beginnings

How did you start dancing? 

I’m fortunate to grow up in a family who values the arts which has fostered my dance endeavors. Ever since I was little I have fond memories joining in on my grandparents’ season tickets to San Francisco Ballet to watch the prima ballerinas. My older sister was enrolled in ballet classes so naturally my mom enrolled me in my first ballet classes at San Jose Ballet. Growing up I was inspired by my sister who danced at notable summer programs and performed one of my favorite roles, the Arabian Princess in The Nutcracker; I also wanted to experience the life of a bunhead. Whether in the studio or in my living room I fell in love with movement, music, and performing. Up until 8th grade I was juggling dance and a select soccer league. My mom was out of town during soccer tryouts and I told her I got “injured” during ballet rehearsal (I did take a little fall) so I couldn’t make it to tryouts...I knew I was happiest dancing and I don’t regret this decision.

What is your favorite dance memory?

My favorite dance memory was performing the role of Odile in Swan Lake which was my final performance with my studio my senior year of high school. I was always cast as the sweet princess or dainty fairy and now I finally got to embody a fiery temptress! Saturday morning I attended graduation, walked across the stage and received my diploma, dashed to the theater, performed thirty-two fouettés, and after boarded a boat for senior night festivities. It was a non-stop day filled with family and friends celebrating my eleven years of dance with Los Gatos Ballet.

What is your favorite ballet?

One of my favorite ballets is The Sleeping Beauty because it’s a classic fairytale filled with elaborate costumes, versatile characters, and beautiful music.

Fitness & Healthy Living

What is your favorite Ballet Beautiful workout move?

Side lying inner thigh series. It can be challenging to target your inner thighs but this sequence really brings on the burn.

What is your best healthy living tip?

Fuel your body! It’s so important to nourish your body with all the healthy yummies because it will power you through your workouts. Physical results are a direct response to food and activity. When you eat nutritious food you feel energized to kick some derrière!

What is your favorite go-to healthy food?

I love all nut butters! Almond butter and apples, peanut butter and bananas, or walnut butter and Greek yogurt, etc. Lately I’m obsessed with Trader Joe’s Mixed Nut Butter.

What is your favorite indulgence or treat?

I’m a real sucker for ice cream! I’m on a mission to taste every ice cream shop in New York City.

How do you style your dance wear from the studio to the streets?

I always amaze my non-dancer friends with my ability to wear a leotard anywhere. Leotards are so fabulous because they are incredibly versatile when it comes to cut, color, fabric, and patterns. I like to wear a leotard with a cute pair of jeans out on the town or show it off with an off the shoulder sweater for a casual look.


Fun Facts

Something interesting about yourself we wouldn’t expect?
I’m a California girl who isn’t obsessed with soaking up the sunshine. My move to New York was heavily influenced by my desire to wear fashionable sweaters and catch falling snowflakes on my tongue.

When you’re not dancing, we can find you...
Writing. I’m a freelance writer with a quirky style who enjoys writing topics about fashion trends, health tips, and entertainment. I’m actually writing a book right now – stay tuned!

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The Ballet Beautiful Team