Meet the Trainer: Lucy Postell

How did you start dancing?

I began my ballet training at Ballet Tech, Eliot Feld’s public school for dance in NYC after scouts came to my elementary school looking for talent. I never stopped dancing after that!

What is your favorite Ballet Beautiful workout move?

My workout doesn’t feel complete without working the butt and abs, and I especially love the standing work when we get to really dance!

What is your top fitness tip?

Keep your core strong: it will help with everything that you do, in and out of class. Having a strong center will also help relieve you from back pain!

What is your best healthy living tip?

Get enough sleep, drink lots of water and don’t forget to eat healthy meals even during a busy day!

What is your favorite dance memory?

I will never forget touring to Athens, Greece with the Martha Graham Dance Company and dancing in the Herodes Atticus theater… The stage we danced on was built in 161 A.D. and could seat up to 6,000 people! It was a blue moon that night and the performance was magical.

Favorite ballet?

I love Balanchine’s black and white ballets, especially “Episodes” and “The Four Temperaments.” Seeing classics like Serenade is always special and never fails to move me.

Favorite go-to healthy food?

If I have time in the morning I love to make a hearty breakfast of Greek yogurt with fresh berries, honey, pomegranate seeds, granola, and ground flaxseed.

What is your favorite indulgence or treat?

I love desserts, especially Dulce de Leche gelato and Brooklyn blackout cake.

How do you style your dancewear from the studio to the streets?

My favorite dancewear to wear out in cooler weather are my legwarmers! I pair them with boots and jeans and love how comfortable and cute they look and feel.

Do you have a favorite app that makes your life easier?

There is rarely a day that goes by without me using Yelp, Google Maps, or the Subway Map. They help me find my way when I’m running around the city!

Something interesting about yourself we wouldn’t expect?

I am on my way to becoming a professional photographer, something I began exploring when I went back to school last year.

When you’re not dancing, we can find you… 

Walking around the city taking photographs, going to an academic class, or, if I’m on vacation, hiking and kayaking in beautiful locations surrounded by nature!