3-Day Reboot!

Happy 2020! I love the line in the sand that a New Year marks. It is a great chance to work on building new habits and most importantly a moment where we can pause and reevaluate what is and isn't working in our lives. Remember that no matter how large your goals are, taking small steps every day is what gets us across the finish line. Do not underestimate the impact of small changes around the margin to accomplish a pivotal shift!

Whether you are looking at exercise as a means to better health, stress relief or to transform your body and your mind, I hope that Ballet Beautiful will be an incredible and uplifting part of your day.

Today I want to share with you a 3-Day Reboot Playlist that I am using to kickstart my year with strength and grace. I don't have time every day to train as intensively as I would like between the demands of work, family and... life! This program is a quick way to refocus your body and wake up your ballet muscles. Expect to come out of this playlist feeling energized and strong and hopefully ready for a greater challenge! This reboot is also a great warmup for our 6-Week Challenge launching Jan 27!

The workouts I have chosen focus on recharging and reenergizing our bodies while building strength and stamina. They are great for anyone that has had a pause in their exercise (hello holidays!) but is ready to kickstart or recharge their workout routine.

Depending on your fitness level and goals, you can break these workouts up into several days; or try the complete workout playlists by doing them three days in a row. You can start this Reboot at any time - there is no set start or end date.

All of these workout videos can be accessed by joining our Custom Workout Subscription! (Use code: NEWYEAR20 for 50% off your 1st month - code expires Jan 15!)

Quick Tip: Login and Click MY STREAMING LIBRARY in your account - search by title in the search bar to quickly find and play your workouts!

Day 1: 

New Year Bridge Burn – Runtime: 15 minutes

Total Ballerina Core – Runtime: 11 minutes

Weighted Swan Arms – Runtime: 11 minutes

Cardio Core – Runtime: 11 Minutes

Ballet Posture & Toning with Band – Runtime: 14 minutes

Day 2:

Classic Inner Thigh with Weights – Runtime: 12 minutes

Thigh & Waist Toning Blast – Runtime: 16 minutes

Ballet Core – Runtime: 13 minutes

First Position Plié Burn – Runtime: 16 minutes

Waltz of the Flowers: Cardio – Runtime: 15 Minutes

5 Minute Skyline Cardio – Runtime: 5 Minutes

Day 3:

Lower & Upper Ab Blast – Runtime: 7 Minutes

Leg Lifts for the Butt – Runtime: 6.5 Minutes

Barre: Booty Burn – Runtime: 13 Minutes

Full Body Plié Workout – Runtime: 15 Minutes

Arm Toning Blast – Runtime: 12 minutes

Side Lunge Cardio – Runtime: 12 Minutes