Dear Beauties,

One of the five Ballet Beautiful lifestyle principles is Be Flexible. Ballet Beautiful is about incorporating what you do on your mat or at the barre into your daily habits. Whether at home, in the office all day long or on vacation, BB workouts are great for busy schedules!  Here are some quick exercises you can do at home, in your cubicle or in a small office space.

Calf and Leg Stretch

Scene 1: Do this in your cubicle when you really need a leg release but can’t quite go outside because you’re on a 2-hour phone call…

Sets: 1-2 sets of 8


Fourth Position Plié into Passé

Scene 2: Do this in the conference room when all you’re colleagues have cleared out but you’re still holding down the fort for a few hours…

Sets: 1-2 sets of 8

First Position Plié With A Port de Bras 

Scene 3: Do this in your office where you have some space to work on your plies and port de bras.

Sets: 1-2 sets of 8

Want more Ballet Beautiful?  Try our 7 min Swan Arm Cardio or access this full video in your Custom Workout subscription. 

* Mary Helen is wearing Ballet Beautiful’s Sweetheart Leotard and Leather Workout Slippers.