Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we can’t wait to celebrate all of the inspiring mothers, grandmothers, and mamas-to-be in our lives! It’s a great time to acknowledge some of the strongest women we know. We’ve curated some of Mary Helen’s favorite Ballet Beautiful activewear, accessories, and workouts for moms.

Ballet Beautiful Wrap Tops

Wrap Tops

Mary Helen loves these comfy jersey wraps while pregnant and nursing! Since they’re cropped and stretchy they’re easy to wear later in your pregnancy to provide just enough coverage without making you too hot, and flatter the bump beautifully. Styling tip -  try over your leotard, tank or even a maxi dress. For new moms our wrap tops also have great stretch and a fit that works perfectly when nursing.

Ballet Beautiful Zip Front and Cami Leos

Zip Front and Cami Leos

Another favorite for nursing! Mary Helen is not a fan of flashing her stomach and these stretchy styles allow for easy nursing or pumping without having to undress.

Ballet Beautiful Legwarmers


The perfect piece for staying cozy! It’s always freezing at the hospital and doctor's office so Mary Helen always includes a pair of our signature legwarmers in her hospital bag to to stay warm.

Ballet Beautiful Sweatshirts


Another way to stay warm and comfy for our Ballet Beautiful Moms! Mary Helen loves these so much she was wearing one when in labor with Baby Rosabella! Pro tip: buy one size larger than you normally would for a cozy and roomy fit!

Ballet Beautiful Slippers


Being a mom isn’t only about being comfy and practical - you also want to feel chic! Our pull on slippers add glamour and grace without sacrificing comfort. Tip - order one size up to allow for a fit that is comfortable and allows for a bit of swelling before and after the baby arrives.

Ballet Beautiful Baby Slippers

Baby Slippers

Perfect for the mini ballerinas in our lives! These absolutely adorable slippers are super easy to get on and off, so getting out of the house with squirmy children is a cinch!

Ballet Beautiful Ballet Baby Workouts

Ballet Baby Workouts

We have a huge selection of DVDs and online workouts available for women who are expecting or have given birth. Both our prenatal and postnatal workouts are on sale for a limited time! These videos are a great way to stay active and graceful before or after having a baby. We have a selection of specifically postnatal workouts available, but many women love to use the prenatal workouts after childbirth as well for a gentle workout to get you moving again!