The Net-A-Porter Collection: Trainer’s Favorite Pieces

Our exclusive Net-A-Porter Collection is ballerina chic! We asked two of our Ballet Beautiful trainers to share their favorite pieces from the collection and why they work so well for their busy lives. Our BB trainers are experts at styling their ballet activewear pieces from the studio to the streets as they are constantly going from training clients to appointments and fitting in ballet classes all over the city. These gorgeous activewear pieces help them do just that looking elegant, stylish and poised. Hope their favorite looks below inspire you to add a touch of ballerina style to your life as well!

Question: "What are your favorite pieces from the Net-A-Porter collection and why?”


My favorite pieces from Ballet Beautiful's Net-A-Porter collection are the 3/4 sleeve Stretch LeotardStretch Wrap Top and tightsI love the colors these come in, especially for the spring season - the beautiful pink reminds me of the cherry blossoms that are starting to bloom outside! The 3/4 sleeves of the leotard are also perfect for the weather and the look compliments a wide range of outfits from the dance studio to the street.

The Stretch Wrap Top is something I always have with me. It's still breezy outside so it's the perfect extra layer to accessorize any outfit from summer dresses to crop tops, or of course to throw over a leotard. The tights are hands down the best I've ever worn! They give you a lot of support, and visually, they make your legs look lean and defined, accentuating that Ballet Beautiful body. The back seam takes the tights to another level of classy; it's a detail I really love.

The look and comfort of these outfits has become even more important for me as a new mom. I feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in them without much effort or time getting ready, which is a big plus when you have a demanding little one around! The Stretch Leotard in particular is perfect for new moms, or anyone looking for some extra support around their chest. The extra seam and double layer around the bust definitely makes a difference. These are some of the most versatile and high quality ensembles that make me feel comfortable, beautiful, and ready to take on the studio or the streets! 


There are three essential pieces that I love from Ballet Beautiful’s Net-A-Porter collection: the Cross Cami Stretch Leotard, Stretch Wrap Top, and Stretch-Knit Legwarmers. The Cross Cami Leotard is a classic piece that is extremely comfortable and flattering! The crossover straps at the back features my shoulders nicely which reminds me to be aware of my posture. I would wear this either during the daytime or nighttime, paired with jeans or a skirt depending on the occasion.

If the weather is chillier and I want extra coverage, I would pair this leotard with the Stretch Wrap Top. This wrap top is the perfect item for Spring! It’s stretchier, softer, and more diverse which means I can wear it during a Ballet Beautiful session or even out on the streets! To tie the look altogether, I always go for a pair of legwarmers! As a dancer, this is an essential piece in my closet. I also love having this pair of legwarmers whenever I travel - they are super comfortable and add an extra layer of warmth whenever I need it!