No Slippers, No Problem!

Ballet Shoes or Slippers are one of the most important pieces in a ballet dancer’s wardrobe. They allow dancers to glide their feet across the floor and work through each muscle of the foot to gain strength and dexterity.  The small suede sole provides just enough friction to perform some of the more difficult moves like jumps and turns without your feet sliding out from under you.

Ballet slippers come in many different styles, materials and colors. Slippers can be made out of soft leather, satin or canvas. The sole of the shoe can be full or split and is most often made out of a thin, flexible piece of suede and they are secured to your foot with either elastic or ribbons. The style you choose to wear is up to personal preference.

For your Ballet Beautiful workout we recommend wearing slippers, especially for our ballet-based cardio work, but if you don’t have slippers don’t worry there are plenty of other options.

Possible Ballet Slipper substitutions:

Bare feet– For standing cardio work in bare feet a smooth floor, like hardwood, is best so that your foot can glide easily.

Socks– They can be a little slippery for standing work, so socks with grips or pulling the sock off your heel can help.

Small towel– If you’re working in bare feet place a small towel under the toes of your working foot to help you glide your foot across the floor.

Trainer Tip: When working out on carpet we recommend slippers or socks and if you have an uneven surface try doing your standing cardio work on your mat also with socks or slippers for added protection for your feet.

Pro Tip: Fitting ballet shoes is slightly different from your normal street shoe. Your ballet slippers should be snug, and you do not want extra room in the toes. With your slippers on stand tall and make sure that your toes are flat, and your shoe is not so tight that your toes crunch.


Slip on a pair of Ballet Beautiful slippers! Enjoy fun colors and styles, plus a drawstring to ensure the best fit on your foot.