NY Bagel, Ballet Beautiful Style.

It wouldn’t be the weekend in NYC without a coffee and bagel for breakfast.

Ten years ago I when I was caught in the low-carb mania I  thought this was the most heavenly, but forbidden breakfast on earth.  Now I enjoy bagels on a regular basis by making it a Ballet Beautiful experience with simple but satisfying substitutions.  Forget about bagel deprivation with this healthy, balanced meal!

For starters, always look for whole-wheat!  I love that my local bagel shop now sells whole-wheat, multi grain and even whole-wheat everything bagels.  I’ve noticed that more and more grocery stores and national chains like Trader Joes are doing the same.  This is awesome!  There are tons of yummy, whole grain options out there that are energizing and great tasting too.

Next, get creative with the toppings!  I dress my bagel with a mix of fiber, healthy fats and protein for a heart healthy, Mediterranean twist.  High quality extra virgin olive oil is a favorite in place of butter or cream cheese. Farmer’s market tomatoes, avocado and a little smoked salmon take this Ballet Beautiful style bagel to the next level.  And of course I love fresh fruit.  Here I add orange slices on the side for extra fiber and Vitamin C.  Yum!  Try it this weekend and let me know what you think!

Have a great breakfast! xoxoMH