Ode to Sylvie Guillem

Hello Ballet Beauties!

When I dream about ballerina strength, grace, poetry and vavavoom…. the great French ballerina Sylvie Guillem is always there. I love her strength and badassery.

If you’ve ever taken even the simplest of beginner dance classes, you know how much power even the most elementary movement takes. Yet somehow ballet can get pigeonholed as easy, gentle or overtly feminine (which, of course, we also knows means power and strength but isn’t always culturally seen that way).

I love Ms. Guillem because of her stunning strength and power. Those muscles! Those feet! That uber-cool hair!!! AHHHH! I’ve always loved this short little piece on her called “Evidentia.” This woman is a force to be reckoned with, as we all are.

A little BB workout always gets me immedietely back in touch with my body and my power. So hit the mat, the barre, the floor and get empowered! This video ought to be inpsiring.

All Of My Ballet Beautiful Love To You!

– Sarah Sophie