On - the - Go Arms!

Tone your triceps, biceps and ballet arms with favorite Five-Minute Ballet Beautiful Arms Exercises! 


We can’t get enough of these simple exercises to tighten the back of the arms. Begin in a standing position with the abs engaged (stomach pulled in, belly button to the spine) and the neck long. Using a set of light weights (we recommend 2-3 lbs), lift the hands to hip height with the palms facing in towards each other and the elbows bent. Extend the arms straight behind, stretching long through the elbows. Bend and repeat for 2-3 sets of eight. Take a stretch and repeat the entire set two times. 


This simple movement is great for toning and building upright ballerina posture. Pull the stomach in tight and lengthen long through the neck.  Bend the elbows at the hip with the palms facing up. Extend the hands away from the hip lifting then to shoulder height. Lift the arms up into a wide V position above the shoulders keeping the chest open and the abs engaged. Start with hands same level as your shoulder and extend out slightly above your head. Think of the arms like wings, letting the motion initiate from behind your back in the shoulder blade as you open and extend. Bend the elbows and repeat 2 sets of eight. Stretch and repeat. 

Ballet Arms: 

This classic ballet movement tones and strengthens the upper body and the waist. Lift both arms above the head to a circle in fifth position. Keeping the palms open drop one arm down to the side. Pull the stomach in tight as you lift the arm to close back to fifth position. Repeat for 2 sets of eight, stretch and change sides.