Prima Series Q&A with MHB

We love our new Prima Workout Series and had so much fun chatting with Mary Helen about the exercises and her inspiration for creating these challenging, fun, and super effective workouts.

1) How did you choose the name “Prima Series”?

The Prima Series is a supercharged workout created for the experienced Ballet Beauty. In ballet the title awarded to the most notable or exceptional dancer is Prima Ballerina, and we think all of our beauties are exceptional. We wanted to create a more advanced program to take your workouts to the next level that offers serious results.

2) What was your inspiration for creating this series?

I wanted a really tough mix of fitness and ballet! Something to help athletes feel like ballerinas and to help a dancer connect with her stronger physical side too.

3) Does the series focus on a specific body part?

The workouts are full body. Each series has a slightly different focus aimed at toning ballet muscles in your legs, butt, abs, arms, waist and core.

4) Do I have to use weights for the workouts to be effective?

Any Ballet Beautiful workout can be done without weights. It is all a question of how your body feels. The weights make things more challenging but this program will challenge and transform you, with or without weights!

5) The difficulty level says Intermediate/Advanced, does that mean I can’t use it if I’m new to Ballet Beautiful?

Not in the least, the level is a matter of physical condition more than experience within the Ballet Beautiful program. We work very hard to create workouts that are super challenging and transformative, even for the most experienced fan of Ballet Beautiful. If you are new to the program and looking for a serious Burn this could be an excellent start.

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