Pro Tips, Inner Thigh

Inner thigh exercises are one of the cornerstones of the Ballet Beautiful method. Strengthening the muscles in your inner thigh helps to dramatically change the results of your leg workout and helps to achieve the long, sleek and strong look of a dancers legs. In ballet, dancers rely on the strength of their inner thighs to properly turn out and stabilize from their hips, as well as, to execute jumps and beats with speed and precision. Focusing on the muscles of your inner thigh will help to balance the overall strength and tone in your legs.  This allows the muscles in your quads, butt and outer thighs not to over work.

To get a jump start on your inner thigh workout try the newly released streaming workout Thigh Bundle. This bundle combines our Classic Inner Thigh exercises on the mat and ballet cardio workout in Plié a la seconde. Here are a few tips to help maximize your results.

Pro Tips, Inner Thigh

          Classic Inner Thigh

- Work through your complete range of motion and stretch your working leg all the way long
- Your working leg can be parallel or turned out. Working in parallel targets the muscles lower down on your leg, closer to your knee, while working in turn out targets the muscles higher up
- The position of the leg that is on top, or stabilizing, does not matter. The most important thing is to find a position where you can keep your hips stacked on top of each other and use your maximum range of motion
- Make sure to keep your abs engaged throughout the workout this will assist you in activating your inner thigh

        Plié a la seconde

- Stretch your legs all the way long and straight out of the plié, think of pulling up instead of locking your knees back
- Imagine that you are trying to pull your feet together to activate your inner thighs, but your feet will not actually move
- In relevé imagine trying to pull both inner thighs, in and up, towards your mid-line
- As you slide your foot along the floor into first position try to relax the muscles in the front of your thigh and only use your inner thigh muscles

Use these tips during your next inner thigh workout and you'll be on the way towards beautiful dancer legs in no time!