Recover, Recharge, Renew

Hey Beauties!

Every workout that we create at Ballet Beautiful has a special meaning to me and hopefully when you begin to connect with and use our programs, the same thing happens to you! Some of my favorite recent workouts are the ones that I have been using most frequently over the last year to rebuild my muscle tone and strength after the birth of my daughter Rosabella. If you haven't tried these workouts yet I wanted to fill you guys in on why I love them and think you will too!

Photo credit: Sharon Schuster Photo credit: Sharon Schuster

Body Recharge

If you have had a break from working out, this is the series for you. I filmed these workouts 4 months after the birth of Baby Rosebud with the goal of reintroducing exercise to my daily routine in a way that was gentle and restorative - recharging my body and mind while building strength and stamina.  These workouts are not postnatal specific, they are great for anyone that has had a pause in their exercise (think injury, illness, even something as simple as lack of time!) but if you are postnatal they could be a great option for you as well!

Photo credit: Sharon Schuster Photo credit: Sharon Schuster

Recover Series - Core

This is a new series that is still in development. The first two videos from the series focus on rebuilding strength and muscle tone deep through the core. As an active mom of three, I have found that my body and specifically my core needs extra attention and care! These workouts are a great choice for anyone that has a weak core and doesn't know where to begin. I love layering them into a more challenging Ballet Beautiful playlist. Even as I regain more strength and control through my abs I find myself returning to these exercises again and again. They challenging in a way that is surprisingly targeted yet simple.

Photo credit: Sharon Schuster Photo credit: Sharon Schuster

Postnatal Bundle II

These videos have a soft spot in my heart because they take me back to those first months as a new mom! If you haven't tried them yet, you might notice that my body still has a lot of the softness of pregnancy, which is completely normal, healthy and to be expected for postnatal moms.  These workouts have been key to my postnatal journeys over the years and I hope that for our Ballet Beautiful Moms you will say the same!