Remove Roadblocks & Get Empowered!

People constantly ask me what I think the biggest roadblock to working out is.  For most people I believe that it’s an all or nothing attitude when it comes to your health.

As a ballerina I used to suffer terribly from this approach. Ballet can be such a focused, perfection driven life, it’s easy to see the world as black or white.  You are ultra focused, eating super clean and healthy, dancing all day everyday, or, you aren’t.  Injuries are a particularly challenging time.  How do you stay connected to your body and your art when you can’t even point your foot? And what about everything in between?

I think that’s where true beauty lies.  It’s in the small details of everyday life, the little quirks, flaws and incredible strengths that make each of us unique.  And balance along with a positive attitude are the keys to getting there.

It’s easy to look at the world and see a series of roadblocks in the way of your dreams and goals that seem impossible to move.  The feeling is terrifying, and I think almost all of us have felt defeated at the thought of even starting in the direction of our true desires.  But it is critical to realize that the feeling of defeat without so much as an attempt to achieve your goals and move around a roadblock is just a feeling.  A destructive one at that!  My advice is to ignore it.  Sometimes you have to tune out the negative voices around you, be they other people or in your own head!

So, what’s the solution for staying focused and overcoming obstacles?  It’s all about believing in yourself and valuing your game plan.  Maybe it’s a big picture career change or perhaps it’s something as simple as getting to bed earlier, swapping out sugary drinks for water or making exercise a regular part of everyday life.  Here’s a quick 5 step guide for removing roadblocks to working out and empowering yourself through better health!

Step 1. Set a realistic goal and get a game plan!

Life is full of chance but when it comes to working out, planning is essential.  Set a goal to work towards and then make room for it in your life!  This might mean waking up a few minutes earlier to squeeze in a workout in the mornings or recognizing when you have that perfect window of time during the day.  With the right attitude you will find a way to make it happen.  The same is true for healthy eating.  A little bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to stocking your home, office and even your bag or car with healthy, satisfying foods.

Step 2. Make yourself and your health a priority.

If you think you don’t have time to workout you are wrong.  Everyone can fit in at least 15 minutes a day.  What’s more important than your own health and well being?  When you make working out and your own health a priority, it becomes a non negotiable part of daily life.  As a part of our new online Custom Workout we have an option for a “light week” with just 1.5hrs of time to workout.  This amount isn’t ideal but it’s enough to keep you connected to your body and your goals when life gets crazy.  And of course it’s important to remember that the busier and more stressed you are the more you probably need to work out!

Step 3. Be flexible!

Maybe you love working out in the mornings but overslept, had a big meeting or were up all night with the baby.  Don’t worry so much about when or where you can exercise, get creative and be flexible to make it a part of your day.  Maybe it’s a quick 15minutes before you jump in the shower at night, when your kids are napping or at school.  Or perhaps it’s playing the DVDs on mute from your laptop or iPad while you wind down with your favorite show after work.  The point is, be flexible with when and where you work out, your body will thank you!

Step 4. Don’t beat yourself up!  

Be forgiving if you get off track and jump back on as soon as you can!  This is a huge part of getting away form the all or nothing mentality.  Every meal cannot be a healthy one and exercise may not be a realistic part of everyday.  That’s ok!  If you overdo it at one meal, don’t give up on yourself and go nuts.  Drink some water and make sure to fit some extra fruit and veggies into your next meal or snack.  When you miss a workout don’t make it a habit, push yourself to be sure that the following day you can carve out some time, no matter how busy you are. Meeting your girlfriends for drinks?  Invite them over instead for a group workout with the DVD and finish off the night with a healthy, balanced meal.

Step 5. Get empowered 

Nothing in life feels as good as setting and accomplishing your goals.   When you realize that roadblocks can be over come and are putting your own health first, it’s an incredibly empowering feeling.  Exercise and health should be about treating yourself and your body with love.


xoxoMary Helen