A Special Day of Giving!

Dear Beauties,

On Friday, May 5, 2017 BalletBeautiful.com will donate all proceeds from its online sales to the medical treatment and care of two darling children, a brother and sister, fighting a life threatening genetic disease.

Jeanne, 5, and Camille, 3, are siblings and classmates of my daughter, Lumina, in New York City. Jeanne and Camille were both recently diagnosed with a devastating genetic disease called Chediak-Higashi Syndrome.  An immediate round of chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant is required to give Jeanne and Camille a fighting chance for life. Jeanne is undergoing treatment now. Their mother, Adeline, is Lumina’s adored preschool teacher. Adeline recently began a leave from work which is expected to extend for over one year to devote herself to the care of Jeanne and Camille.  In the best case scenario, the children and mother will not be able to return to school before the fall of 2018 as Jeanne and Camille’s treatment and recovery requires strict medical isolation. The family’s medical and living expenses will be incredibly high during this time, on top of the loss of Adeline’s salary.

Please help us to support these brave children and their family.  Whether making a purchase at BalletBeautiful.com on Friday May 5, a direct donation to Jeanne and Camille’s Go Fund Me page, or simply helping us to share their story with family and friends to raise awareness, every gesture and donation, no matter the size makes a difference.

With much love and sincere thanks for your support!

Mary Helen and Lumina Belle ❤️