Spring Workout Fever!

Spring has officially arrived, bringing a powerful promise of a fresh new season. Let’s join together to harness Spring’s powerful energy and channel the season of rebirth and hopefulness into our workouts to become our best physical selves!

It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness and chaos of everyday life that we sometimes forget to take a moment and connect with our bodies and our goals.

Today I am taking a PAUSE and thinking through what being healthy and happy means to me.

Am I connecting with my body on its highest level? Am I listening to my bodies ever changing needs? Is my diet as healthy and balanced as it should be? Do I need more cardio or core work? Do I need to eat more greens? This morning these answers feel like, not enough, sometimes and yes! In this pause I am stepping back to look at how my life and body have changed in the last three months and where I need to tune in and refocus to look and feel my best.

Taking a moment to refocus your energy and goals is hugely important for your body and your mind. My body is itching for new challenges and I can feel that I am in a distinctly different place physically than I was when I last sat down to evaluate my health and fitness goals in January.  Spring workout fever is officially on! I’m ready for a lighter spring wardrobe, and a deeper sweat!

From a workout perspective I am looking for a more intense burn and more targeted toning. I’m currently loving our postnatal workouts for my abs. If I wasn’t in a postnatal specific category now my focus would be on our Supermodel Ab Series as that one provides serious burn and results! I’m loving our posture work and adding on heavier weights for the arms taking my normal 1-2 lb workouts to 2-3 lbs as I add back more tone after the baby. I’m also obsessed with our lunge series and Swan Arms Cardio for a fabulous full body burn! I am also adding more time to my workouts each week. For me this means taking 30-45minutes up to 60-90 minutes when I can and aiming for a steady 5 days a week. This puts me in a zone for serious progress and gives my body the ability to maintain results later in the year with less work (aka Summer)!

For access to all of these workouts you can subscribe to our Custom Workout for the full online library!

Join me in my Ballet Beautiful Spring Fitness Fever and don’t forget to tag us @balletbeautiful #balletbeautifulfit so we can follow along!