On Stage Looks for a Night Out!

For a dash of drama on your next night out try this onstage beauty look in three easy steps! Add a sleek updo, pin a flower in your hair, and pair your leotard with a full length ball gown, pants or even a sleek pencil skirt for true Ballet Beautiful Style.

Step 1. Glowing skin & pink cheeks
Clean, healthy skin makes an ideal base for any beauty look. While a true onstage look incorporates loads of heavy pancake style foundation, when I am going out I prefer to keep things simple and fresh. Concealer under the eyes (and as needed) paired with a lightweight tinted moisturizer lets my skin breath and provides a more polished look without being over done. Add a touch of a rosy blush like Nars Orgasm and a cream based highlighter like Wander Beauty’s highlighter stick to the cheekbones for a glow that is dramatic without being overdone.

Step 2. Dramatic Eyes
Dancers wear heavy eye makeup onstage to make the eyes pop for audience members even in the upper tier. Incorporating a liquid liner with a slight wing adds instant glamour to an evening look with a style that is distinctly ballet. Balance it out with flat eye shadow (non sparkly) in neutral tones and a well defined brow. Depending on your skin tone I recommend choosing a dark brown or black liner and tracing the eyes along the lash line. From the center of the eye to the outer edge thicken the line slightly then trace a thin line up and out for a short winged look.

Step 3. Red Lip
A bold red lip adds instant drama. Before you begin rub a warm, wet wash cloth across the lips and follow with a moisturizer like organic coconut oil or even aquaphor. Follow with a slightly dark lip liner and fill in from the center with your favorite shade of red.

And now you look effortlessly gorgeous for your special night out!