Stretching. A Ballerina's How-To Tutorial!

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Ballet style is in the fashion spotlight and we couldn’t be more excited! For anyone that has ever wondered about how to tie ballet ribbons, this is the video for you.  There are two basic approaches, one a more technical pro-ballerina look and the other a more whimsical, fashionable approach.  There’s no right answer here, it’s all about your personal expression and style!

Things to note:

The “Performance Style” approach includes drawstrings and ribbons tucked in tight and tied on the inside of the ankle for a look that is professional and clean.  This is the go-to technique for a dancer with more serious training, both for class and onstage.  For performances or an important shoot I will often “sew in” and add a few quick stitches to hold the knot on the ankle and prevent the ribbons from slipping or coming untied.

“Fashion Style” ribbons are more playful and fun! Girly bows feature heavily, often tied on the fronts, sides of the ankles or behind. Drawstrings can be tucked in or tied in a bow. There is no right or wrong!

As I said above, at the end of the day the approach that you choose is all a question of personal style. Ballet is a strict disciple and sloppiness is not accepted.  This holds true for a dancer’s hair, attire and yes, ribbons.  Dancers are trained to tie their ribbons neatly, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way, particularly when it comes to street style or a workout. I love seeing the more whimsical approach to ballet fashion and how so many Ballet Beauties are opening up the world of ballet style!

How do you tie your ballet ribbons?

Love! xoxo, Mary Helen