How To Style Your BB Tights

Dancers are always fashionably styling their tights from studio to the streets and making it look so effortless and chic. They know how to cut them in the right places, and pair them with the right pieces.

At Ballet Beautiful we have extensive experience with tights, so we wanted to share these styling tips with all of you so that you can make that ballerina look your own. Here’s how:

In the studio:

Ballerinas love to cut their tights and play around with different styles to find the most comfortable, flattering look. They aren’t afraid to pull out a good pair of sharp scissors and start snipping.

One way that dancers often style their tights is to cut off the toes and the back of the heel for a sleek stirrup look, which also creates more traction within the slipper by exposing the toes and heel. This simple DIY stirrup extends over the ankle and can be worn over or under dance slippers or pointe shoes. Dancers are always working to lengthen and extend the legs and this fun look does just the trick. It’s the perfect accent to your Ballet Beautiful workout, stretching the lines of the legs while providing a great grip within the shoe.

Shoes for ballet

Another favorite look for dancers is to cut the tights at legging or crop length. This provides more openness and an airy feel, shows off those hard-earned calf muscles and defined ankles and helps ballerinas to feel uninhibited while they dance. Worried about being too cool with the approaching winter weather? Pair with our legwarmersfor a look that is all about dance!

The final choice for a studio look would be to wear the tights with the full foot. This is a more polished, formal look, and more similar to how tights are often worn onstage. Simply pair with your favorite warmers and leotard, pull on your slippers, and you are ready to go!

Tights for ballet

An important style tip to note is that in class and rehearsals most dancers wear their tights over their leotard. Try this style tip to get the look of a dancer in the know ?

On the streets:

Since dancers have to be in their tights all day, they have found easy, fashionable ways to take their tights from the studio to the streets.

One way that they do this is by wearing a cute A-line skirt on top of their tights and tucking their tights into heels, flats or boots. Paired with a stylish leotard, this serves as the perfect top and creates a quick polished look that is so easy to take right to the streets.

Another easy way that dancers style their tights for the street is by wearing a boyfriend sweater or a sweater dress over their tights and pairing that with flats or boots. This is another super comfortable, chic ballet inspired street style look that anyone can do.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what tights styling tricks work for you! Make sure to have a good pair of sharp scissors and tights with a seam in the back work best to prevent the tights from running. Have a few pairs of tights so you can try a few different styles.

Have fun and share pictures with us of how you style your tights from studio to the streets! We would love to see!