Submit Your Own Playlist

Hi Ballet Beauties! We recently added a new feature to our Custom Workout subscription: the ability to create your own playlist of videos from our streaming library.

We’ve been hearing so much wonderful feedback from our subscribers that we wanted to see how YOU put this new feature into action! We’re asking all of our beauties from around the globe to send us their favorite playlists so that we can share them with our entire community. There are endless possibilities when it comes to building a playlist, so we want to share some examples from the experts (you!) to inspire others! 

We’ll be collecting submissions until May 20 and will reveal our top playlists in an upcoming blog post.

If your playlist is selected you will also win A SPECIAL BB PRIZE :)

How to enter:

To submit your playlist, please email with the following information: your name, the city or country where you live, the title of your favorite playlist, and a list of all of the videos in your playlist. You can also include a short description of your playlist and why you built it and love it! We also ask that you include a screenshot of your playlist like the one below. Depending on how many videos are in your playlist, you might not be able to fit them all in one screenshot - and that’s okay! Just make sure you include a list in your email of all of the workouts that you included. (If you’d like to send multiple screenshots so that we can see images of all the workouts, you are welcome to!)
Ballet Beautiful's Cardio Playlist

Haven’t created a playlist yet?

Now is the perfect time to get started! You can check out our blog post Inside Subscriber Playlists for more information about how to build, name, and edit your own personal playlists.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at We can’t wait to hear from you!

XOXO The Ballet Beautiful Team