i Beauties!

Summer is the perfect time to get started with a new daily stretch routine. Your muscles are ready for a little extra love and care after a day in the sun. In dance and Ballet Beautiful stretching is an important part of daily life to keep your muscles loose and body limber. Gentle stretches along with the Ballet Beautiful exercises will make an incredible difference in how you look and feel and how your body moves. You do not need to have extreme flexibility and a full split to receive the amazing benefits of a daily stretch routine. We like to look at stretching as a necessary luxury that you can use to help keep your muscles released, focus on your body and give you a chance to relax.

Using the ballet barre for stretching is a great way to provide extra stability while allowing you to go a little deeper and fully relax into your stretches. If you don’t have access to a barre you can still benefit from these stretches. Read No Barre, No Problem to find out some of our favorite substitutions when you don’t have a barre handy.

If you need a little extra help with your stretch routine make sure to check out these streaming videos or subscribe to the Custom Workout for complete access to the streaming library.

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A few of our FAVORITES!!

Hamstring Stretch

- pull in tight through your stomach
- keep your hips square
- flexing your foot can add a nice calf stretch
- adding a port de bras helps to deepen the stretch and stretch through your waist
- hold for 30-60 seconds taking deep breaths and relaxing

Hip Opener 

- keep your supporting leg straight
- don't worry if the knee on the barre is not flat work within your range of motion
- keep your hips square to the barre
- gently lean forward to deepen the stretch
- hold for 30-60 seconds taking deep breaths and relaxing

Stretch a la Seconde

- keep both legs straight
- keep your hips facing the barre
- add a port de bras towards the leg on the barre to increase the stretch
- hold for 30-60 seconds taking deep breaths and relaxing