Take Your Workout On The Road

Hello Beauties!  With summer’s arrival, we are gearing up for our on-the-go workouts and our virtual workout plan.

One of the biggest challenges to staying connected to your workout is finding ways to take it with you on the road! Planning a summer road trip to the beach? Perhaps even a getaway overseas? Whatever your summer travel plans are, we’ve got you covered.

Below are a few of our favorite Ballet Beautiful programs plus a few suggestions to customize and make the most of each. With all of these workouts, keep in mind that flexibility is key! Life is busy and without the right strategy it’s easy to let summer fun derail your workout. I like to focus on how good working out makes me feel. Have you ever finished a workout and felt worse about your life? Says no one ever! Exercising helps keep our bodies and our minds healthy and strong.  It’s also important not to obsess over the details.  If you can’t travel with your typical mat, favorite ballet slippers and at-home set-up, that’s okay. Throw down a beach towel and do some bridge!  The most important thing is to keep your body moving and carve out some time each day for yourself to workout.

Remember to drink plenty of water, eat as healthy as you can and, most importantly, have fun! Let working out make the summer an even happier experience. There’s nothing as  relaxing as the feeling of winding down and getting together with family and friends after a workout. And for the moms out there, family vacations can be a great chance to take advantage of Grandma and Grandpa to watch the kids while you sneak away and squeeze in a workout.

1.  Custom Workout Program

Ballet Beautiful’s Custom Workout is an awesome choice for our Beauties looking to maximize our exclusive Streaming Library and enjoy personalized weekly workouts from any location. Upcoming new videos for June include our Inner Thigh Blast (hello, summer legs!) and Ballet Lunge for Butt & Legs. You can enjoy one of over 70 streaming videos or work from your customized schedule. It’s a fun, flexible program that is all about YOU!

2. Ballet Beautiful DVDs.

Streaming not your thing? Not to worry! Our Ballet Beautiful DVDs provide killer workouts that you can take on the road to keep tight and toned all summer long. Looking for the ideal rotation?  Try Our Classic 60 Minutes or Total Body Workout 3 days/week with another 3 days of our Swan Arms Cardio DVD for serious results, fast! Don’t have an hour all at once? Don’t worry! Just do a chapter of each workout when you can. Even a few minutes will make a difference and help keep you connected to your body and workout, and drive results.

3. Ballet Beautiful Live

Our interactive, live classes are a fun way to stay connected to your beloved Ballet Beautiful, whether at home or on the road.  Log in for group classes or e-mail us for more info on private training.

What are your plans for incorporating your Ballet Beautiful workouts into your summer travels? Comment below or tag us in your photos on social media using #MyBackstageBB.

Bon voyage, Beauties! xoxo