The Prima Challenge

Hi Beauty,

Our Prima Challenge was created to help you set the stage for 2021! I've combined pro-level training from our Prima Series along with classic Ballet Beautiful workouts and favorite toning videos to build strength and burn.

Our Challenge kicks off this Monday, January 11th! Please remember, these challenges may be started at any time, I always want to give you the flexibility to take your training schedule into your own hands! If you are a Custom Workout Subscriber, you may be in the middle of another challenge - you can begin this challenge at any time! If you haven’t subscribed to Ballet Beautiful Custom Workout yet, sign up today to join us as we build Ballet Beautiful strength and tone! Subscribe and use the calendar below to get started.

To create each day's playlist, simply search the video by title in your streaming library and click to play.

If you have any questions, kindly email for assistance.

Remember to tag @balletbeautiful and use #PrimaChallenge so we can follow along!

Have a beautiful workout!

Love, Mary Helen