Train Like A Ballerina - A Week Inside a VS Angel's Workout!

There is no question that Victoria’s Secret Angels are FIT. Part supermodel and part athlete, the Angels take incredible care of their bodies and work hard for the results. These ladies really know what it means to Train Like a Ballerina!

The questions that I am most frequently asked about working and training with the VS Angels are: “Can I look like that too?” and “How do they do it?” The answer is yes and lots of Ballet Beautiful, of course! While we normally recommend 3-4 hours of Ballet Beautiful per week for optimal results, in the final days and weeks before the show we pump everything up! Longer workouts, more Ballet Beautiful cardio, abs and toning – we even add light-weights on the ankles for certain exercises (don’t miss our new Supermodel Workouts!) to highlight extra definition through the butt, legs and thighs.

It’s all about maximizing and bringing out the strength and beauty in each of us! Because there is nothing more powerful or beautiful in my opinion than when you feel confident and strong.

Below is a sample workout week of intense Supermodel Training, Ballet Beautiful Style:

Monday – 1 hour 15 min workout. Focus is: Full Body BURN! Note — I love adding in an extra 15 minutes of BB Cardio to take the workout to a deeper level of burn. Each Angel has a slightly different goal in training but most are looking to add tone and definition without building bulk. I love combining our Classic 60 minute Workout with our online BB Blasts like our newest Supermodel Workouts to take the burn to another level.

Tuesday – 1 hour 15 min workout.  Focus is: Legs, Butt & BB Cardio! Check out our Ballet Beautiful Blast Series DVD plus our online Skyline Cardio and Allegra workouts. The goal for this workout is lengthening and sculpting lean ballerina legs!

Wednesday – 1 hour 30 min workout. Focus is: Abs, Butt & Ballerina Arms! I’m obsessed with our Ballet lunge workouts for toning and lifting the butt, and so are the Angels! Don’t miss our online Blast videos and pair them with our supermodel workouts and Swan Arm Cardio DVD.

Thursday –1 hour 30 min workout. Focus is: Killer BB Toning plus Ballet Cardio!  When it comes to toning we are focusing on abs, legs and butt. The arms get a great workout with our cardio series! Check out our online Blasts in the Custom Workout like Hip & Thigh Blastthe Backstage Workouts and our new Holiday Dance of the Snowflakes for extra cardio!

Friday – 1 hour 30 min workout. This is it! Focus is: Final Toning, BB Cardio & Full Body Burn! For a final workout I love an hour of solid toning with 30 minutes of standing work and BB Cardio. Start with our abs series, an extra long inner thigh (Hint *Repeat one video two times!) and the Supermodel Bridge on the Dome plus Outer Thigh with Light weights.  Move back into the Ballet Lunge Workouts and Swan Arms Cardio.

Other important tips:

– Stay hydrated!

– Remember to stretch! Check out our new Hip Stretch in this month’s Custom Workout!

– Have FUN! Remember, this is all about you! Stay focused on your own goals and health and don’t get caught up in the exterior stuff. At the end of the day Ballet Beautiful is about helping each Beauty connect to her inner ballerina and feel more beautiful, confident and strong!

Have a beautiful workout!  xoxo MH