Work From Home Stretch Break!

Hi Beauties!

I've been working exclusively from home for the last couple of weeks and while I am loving the extra time in my day to spend with the kids or even just drink a tea and relax, I am finding that my back and upper body is SO TIGHT and tense! I'm no longer working at my standing desk in our SoHo studio and even though I have a desk set up at home, I'm finding that a lot of days I am working wherever I can squeeze it in - from my phone in one of the kids room, my bedroom, basically wherever and whenever I can get it done! The end result of this nontraditional workplace structure along with the added stress of current events has left my back, neck and shoulders ultra tight, and I am guessing I'm not alone.

I hope you guys will use and love this mini stretch tutorial that I created (pre quarantine) to let all of that tension and tightness in the upper body go. These stretches can be done multiple times per day or once a day in the middle of your work day to break things up.

Please feel free to share this tutorial with anyone in your life who could use a little extra stretching and relaxation! Finally, I want to remind you all of how much we appreciate your support of Ballet Beautiful and want to be there for you, now more than ever!

Mary Helen