Your Best YOU Yet!

Make your fitness goals a reality in 2017! When we think about the New Year we get excited because it is a clean start, so we can really focus on what we want to achieve for the year and how we are going to set about accomplishing it. One of the biggest things to think about when setting up your goals are: what are your intentions for your health, your healthy lifestyle and for making exercise a part of your daily life.

When we are looking ahead we make sure to think about the big picture goals but also about breaking them into smaller, more achievable pieces that we can incorporate on a daily and weekly basis.

Whatever your goals are it is all achievable with the right approach and the right mindset. We recommend looking at the big picture goal and then what that means for how you live your daily life because that is where the real work happens!

To help you think of some great health and fitness goals, and to keep you inspired and motivated, we wanted to share some of the goals of our Ballet Beautiful trainers. Wishing you a bright, happy and healthy 2017!


Take ballet class more regularly, work on my thigh muscles, make sure to recover after my workouts, and work on getting 7-8 hours of sleep. Balance is key!


In 2017, my goals are: to get a good night’s sleep, laugh harder, drink more water, spend more time with my husband, and to not over-extend myself, off the Ballet Beautiful mat ?


My resolution is to be more “selfish”. Meaning to focus on my body more than I do currently. I’m always on the go so I generally neglect my body, but this year I’m going to find more time to take care of myself in small ways. Like stretching a bit longer post workout, using the foam roller more regularly, drinking more water, and indulging in massages when my body is achey.


For 2017, my goal is stay present and relax in my down time. I believe this will make me a more grounded artist, a stronger dancer, and an even more focused trainer for my Ballet Beautiful clients.


My goal this year is to reduce stress. It takes a toll on your health, so I am going to focus on not taking on more responsibilities than I can handle and to set limits with myself and others. “Everyday life is a series of decisions, small changes that add up to great changes” I am going to really work on: breathing deeply, eating healthy, improving my sleep and thinking positively!


My health goal for 2017 is to drink more water! Starting with a warm lemon water every morning and then having at least 2 liters of water during the day! Water helps me have more energy while I workout, it boosts the immune system and improves my mood!