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Ballet Beautiful Cardio?!!

When I was dancing with New York City Ballet I was always looking for ways to stay fit and injury free on-stage.  I discovered that the right type of ballet-friendly cardio made all of the difference in my cross-training, increasing my confidence, stamina and strengthening my form.

Getting the heart-rate up in a cardiovascular workout can really make you feel terrific.  It’s great for the waist-line, too!   The right cardiovascular workout can take your Ballet Beautiful body to the next level — I am so excited to share my some of my favorite Ballet Beautiful Cardio workouts with all of you in our streaming videos soon!

In the meantime, I’m getting lots of questions about alternative forms of cardio…please see my thoughts below.

1.  Avoid over working the quadricep and front of the thigh!  I think this is the most important factor to take in consideration when choosing alternative forms of cardio.  A workout that focuses heavily on your quad is going to make the muscles bulky and shorten the line of the legs.    To keep the legs long and lean, focus on working your ‘ballet muscles’ on the inside and back of the leg, not the front of the thigh.   Example: choose the eliptical machine rather than a stationary bike at a gym and don’t go crazy with the resistance.

2. Remember your posture!  Whether you working in a gym on a machine like the treadmill or just out for a walk, don’t ever slump when you are exercising!  Think about your lovely Swan Arms and remember my cues about posture from our Ballet Beautiful streaming videos.

3.  Stretch!  Stretching before and after a cardio workout is key to keeping your muscles supple and elongated.  You will get the most benefit from stretching when your muscles are warm, during and after your workout.

I hope these tips help out in your quest for the ultimate in health, happiness and your Ballet Beautiful bod!

Sending love as always xoxoMary Helen

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