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Exploring Innovation!

When I told the girls in the office that I wanted to write about innovation this week they were not so sure. (more…)

Making time for YOU

Life is crazy.  At this time of year the seemingly non-stop demands from work, family, school can consume every minute.  Of course it feels like a total paradox but these hectic weeks are when it’s more important than ever to make time for you.


NY Bagel, Ballet Beautiful Style.

It wouldn’t be the weekend in NYC without a coffee and bagel for breakfast.

Ten years ago I when I was caught in the low-carb mania I  thought this was the most heavenly, but forbidden breakfast on earth.   (more…)

Healthy Summer BBQ!

Hello Beauties!

Nothing says summer like a barbeque on the 4th of July!  I’m looking forward to celebrating Independence Day this afternoon with friends and participating in the classic BBQ tradition, in a healthy way.  Below are a few simple tips to help turn any BBQ into a healthy, satisfying and guilt free meal! (more…)

Let sunshine feed your soul!

Hello Beauties!

Spring is the season for new beginnings and incredible growth and change. (more…)


W Mag talks to Mary Helen about her favorite workouts, must have fitness accessory & guilty pleasures.  Find the full piece in the April 2012 issue – on stands now!


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Find Balance with Ballet Beautiful!

Balance is one of the keys to happiness, inner beauty and health!  And in today’s hectic world where demands from work, school and home are literally non-stop, it’s harder than ever to achieve. (more…)


We are thrilled to be featured as a global fitness trend by Chile’s Revista Ya! Workout with us from anywhere in the world with our online Ballet Beautiful classes and videos!


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