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Ballet Beautiful Around the Web

Hello Ballet Beauties! We have a new roundup of some of the gorgeous Ballet Beautiful pictures we have seen around the web, and with NYFW taking place right now we were inspired to make this more of a stylish roundup 😉 We always love seeing your snaps so please tag us or use the #BalletBeautiful hashtag so we can see how you #TrainLikeABallerina! Please keep sharing them with us!

Huge thanks to @raquel_zimmermann, @thedancingwriter, @juliettemaxwell, @beniaquilegia!

Here is a list of the Ballet Beautiful pieces featured above:

Zip Front Leotard

Solid Mini Wrap Skirt

– Satin Street Shoes

Leather Street Shoes

Satin Workout Slippers

Crimson Satin Street Shoes

Sweetheart Long-Sleeve Leotard

Two Tone Halter Leotard

Halter Leotard

Cut-Out Stretch Cami Leotard

Ballet Beautiful Classic 60-Minute Workout DVD

Mary Helen’s Tips for Keeping your Body in Balance

Hi Ballet Beauties! In a previous blog, I shared my tips for staying motivated and the significance of your mindset for reaching your goals. Now I want to talk about the importance of achieving balance and paying attention to how you feel.

To achieve lasting success and happiness in anything you are doing and to stay grounded, focused and confident, finding balance is a must. Without balance, you risk a burnout and all of its side effects.

Finding balance in your diet and fitness routine will help you lose weight, look and feel better, and, most importantly, maintain those hard-earned results! While a quick fix can be incredibly seductive, I have learned that the true value of a fitness and lifestyle program is measured in how well it can be maintained. This means getting away from extremes to stay focused and on track with your health and happiness.

Balance is about learning to stay grounded in yourself so that you know what you need, you keep your priorities in line, and at the same time you remain flexible and forgiving enough to not push yourself in counterproductive ways. It also mean staying in touch with how you feel. If you find yourself swinging from a lot of energy to a little, or waking up one morning feeling great and the next feeling glum, then you might be doing something else to trigger these mood shifts. Balance begins with the physical, but it’s equal parts emotional and mental — you cannot have one without the other.

Here are some of my tips for keeping your body in balance:

– Learn to listen

– Avoid deprivation

– Know when to move on if you have overindulged

– Always consider your body’s needs

As you learn to pay attention to how you feel and to root out patterns that are not aligned with your health and fitness goals, you will naturally and easily fall into balance — physically, emotionally and mentally.

For more of Mary Helen’s lifestyle, health or fitness tips, pick up the Ballet Beautiful book

Ballet Beautiful Buzz #11

Wear: Bodysuits!

It’s no secret that ballet inspired fashion is very popular right now. From Vogue to Style Salute – everyone is talking about how to get the look. Part of this trend involves bodysuits, or as we like to call them here at Ballet Beautiful: leotards! The combination of a chic leotard with high waisted jeans or a full skirt is the ultimate ballet street style look. Check out our recent blog post to see how Mary Helen elegantly masters the bodysuit trend.

Shop: Natural Skincare Products

The more we learn about unnecessary synthetic chemicals and toxins in our beauty and skincare products the more we are inspired to shop for natural products with organic ingredients. With so many new holistic brands out there, it is now easier than ever to start making changes towards a toxin-free skincare routine. In our search for cleaning up our beauty routine we came across a great website called Content Beauty that stocks only brands that pass their sourcing policy test and lists all the product ingredients on their website so you know exactly what you are buying. It has been a wonderful resource for finding great products you can trust and for making this transition easier.

Learn: Bill Cunningham New York Documentary

We recently came across this fascinating and moving documentary about the incredible Bill Cunningham. Bill was an American fashion photographer for The New York Times for nearly 40 years, and was known for his candid and street photography. His photographic columns covered the social scene and fashion on the streets of New York. This intimate portrait of Bill shows why he was a visionary genius and the best street style photographer the fashion industry has ever seen.

Make: Refreshing summer drinks!

When the weather is HOT there is nothing more satisfying than a cold delicious drink. That’s why we have been obsessed with all the refreshing summer beverages in this post. They have been the perfect healthy drinks to take to barbecues and summer get togethers. We recently made the Watermelon and Lime Cooler and it was such a hit that everyone was asking for the recipe.

Watch: Abstract: The Art of Design

We are loving this cool new show on Netflix. It is a documentary series highlighting visionary artists in the field of design. Every episode stands as its own film as it follows a different designer working in various artistic fields ranging from photography to architecture. In each episode you are given an inside look at each artists’ creative process and are left feeling fascinated and inspired. We highly recommend it if you’re looking for something new and interesting to watch!

Healthy Summer Desserts!

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Now that it’s summer we’re all working especially hard to stay in great shape so we feel and look our best! But for those of us with a sweet tooth, it can be challenging to face all the temptations this season brings. (Lookin’ at you, ice cream truck!) Luckily that doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice our favorite treats altogether. We’ve come up with some recipes to satisfy your cravings while keeping you feeling healthy and radiant. Instead of depriving yourself, try one of our nutritious and delicious alternatives at your next party, family dinner, or as a special treat for yourself!

Dark Chocolate and Berries

A favorite that never fails! We like to keep our chocolate in the fridge to keep it cool and crisp.

Dark chocolate of your choice

Mixed Berries: We love blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries

Homemade Mango Sorbet

Who knew it was this easy to make sorbet at home! All you need is a blender and two ingredients.

Frozen Mango


Blend together until smooth, then pop in the freezer for a couple of hours. Serve and enjoy!

Grilled Peaches

Perfect for your next barbecue! (These can also be roasted in the oven for those of us without a grill).

Peach, halved


Sweetened vanilla or plain yogurt to drizzle

Grill peach halves or roast in a 400 degree oven. Top with granola and leave on grill or in oven for a few more minutes so the granola gets warm and crispy. Drizzle with sweetened yogurt or serve with your favorite vanilla fro-yo!

Chocolate Banana Pops

A fabulous frozen treat that’s easy and fun to make


Dark Chocolate Chips

Coconut Oil

Toppings of choice (we used crushed peanuts and coconut flakes)

Place unpeeled banana in plastic bag and freeze overnight. Melt chocolate chips and small spoonful of coconut oil in the microwave or on the stove. Dip frozen bananas in chocolate to coat, and then add desired toppings (if any!). Freeze for 1 hour and enjoy!

Mary Helen’s Tips for Staying Motivated

Staying motivated and having the right mindset is key for achieving your goals. Your mindset is what kicks in when you have to overcome an obstacle or solve a problem, and ultimately it is your mindset that keeps you on course to succeed.

We know it can get hard when you’re tired, when you feel like you have no time, or when you have had a hard day – but that is when having the right perspective will carry you through. To get the most out of your workout you need to form a positive and healthy outlook, where you view exercise and eating healthy as a way to pamper and take care of your body, not a punishment for going overboard!

Here are some of Mary Helen’s top tips for staying positive and keeping motivated:

Tune Out Negative Voices, Tune Into You

There are all sorts of negative voices and statements that can dwell in your head and mix with your own voice. They are fueled by self-doubt, insecurity, and fear and can only lead to more of the same. They are also your worst enemy when you are trying to reach your goals and build a happy, healthy life for yourself.

By simply becoming aware of the negative voices in your head and remembering that in fact they come from the outside, not from within, you can begin to take away their power. Try this the next time you hear yourself saying something negative about yourself:

– Pause and take a moment to think about what you’ve just said.

– Think about why you said that and why you are feeling that.

– Remind yourself that you are capable.

– Shift your focus to a challenge that you recently met successfully.

– Take a moment to remember and reconnect to your belief that you can achieve your goals.

It is extremely important that you work hard to replace negative, destructive voices with positive, encouraging, and challenging thoughts about yourself, your life, and your body!

Stay Away From Extremes and Work the Margins: 

To achieve even the loftiest of goals you must employ a simple approach that comes down to steady, consistent work, every day. Don’t put pressure on yourself to take on an extreme goal – instead focus on a realistic goal that you can take on each day. Think about how you can take care of yourself and choose at least one thing to do from the BB program each day, and then focus on that. That might be a 15-minute workout, or a 60-minute workout (60% off your 1st month with code: BALLETFIT17), or swapping out your nightly dessert for fresh fruit.

Think big but remember your pacing — small steps. Stay focused on the goal that is right in front of you. 

For more of Mary Helen’s lifestyle, health or fitness tips, pick up the Ballet Beautiful book

Pro Tips, Inner Thigh

Inner thigh exercises are one of the cornerstones of the Ballet Beautiful method. Strengthening the muscles in your inner thigh helps to dramatically change the results of your leg workout and helps to achieve the long, sleek and strong look of a dancers legs. In ballet, dancers rely on the strength of their inner thighs to properly turn out and stabilize from their hips, as well as, to execute jumps and beats with speed and precision. Focusing on the muscles of your inner thigh will help to balance the overall strength and tone in your legs.  This allows the muscles in your quads, butt and outer thighs not to over work.

To get a jump start on your inner thigh workout try the newly released streaming workout Thigh Bundle. This bundle combines our Classic Inner Thigh exercises on the mat and ballet cardio workout in Plié a la seconde. Here are a few tips to help maximize your results.

Pro Tips, Inner Thigh

          Classic Inner Thigh

– Work through your complete range of motion and stretch your working leg all the way long
– Your working leg can be parallel or turned out. Working in parallel targets the muscles lower down on your leg, closer to your knee, while working in turn out targets the muscles higher up
– The position of the leg that is on top, or stabilizing, does not matter. The most important thing is to find a position where you can keep your hips stacked on top of each other and use your maximum range of motion
– Make sure to keep your abs engaged throughout the workout this will assist you in activating your inner thigh

        Plié a la seconde

– Stretch your legs all the way long and straight out of the plié, think of pulling up instead of locking your knees back
– Imagine that you are trying to pull your feet together to activate your inner thighs, but your feet will not actually move
– In relevé imagine trying to pull both inner thighs, in and up, towards your mid-line
– As you slide your foot along the floor into first position try to relax the muscles in the front of your thigh and only use your inner thigh muscles

Use these tips during your next inner thigh workout and you’ll be on the way towards beautiful dancer legs in no time!

Ballet Beautiful Around the Web

Hello Ballet Beauties! We have a new roundup of some of the inspiring Ballet Beautiful pictures we have seen around the web. We always love seeing your snaps so please tag us or use the #BalletBeautiful hashtag so we can see how you #TrainLikeABallerina! Please keep sharing them with us!

Huge thanks to @edition_marabout, @odorantes_official, @pearlt_, @mcheckinin, @lkgimelli!

Here is a list of the Ballet Beautiful pieces featured above:

Ballet Beautiful Book

Ballet Beautiful DVDs

Custom Workout

Ballet Beautiful In-Studio Classes

BB Trainer Snack Tips!


Healthy snacks are an important part of the Ballet Beautiful eating principles. It is important to feed your body the right foods on a regular basis to maintain your energy and keep your metabolism humming! You never want to let yourself get too hungry because that can trigger cravings and lead to overeating.

Our BB trainers are constantly running around the city to train clients, attend dance classes, and go to auditions, so having nutritious snacks that keep them energized and feeling good is a must. We asked them to share their favorites with us for some snack inspiration! Pick the ones that look good to you and have them on hand to keep you feeling energized throughout your day and to help you power through your Ballet Beautiful workouts!

xoxo — The BB Team

Danielle: I make myself a super smoothie nearly every day (mixed berries, orange juice, 1 banana, chia seeds, almond butter, coconut oil, and mint). The combination of healthy fats, antioxidants, and protein keeps me going for hours.

Yuki: I love having overnight soaked oatmeal and chia seeds. I like making it with coconut or almond milk!

Nicholas: When I’m on the run, which is pretty much everyday for me, I rely a lot on snacks – like a handful of raw almonds or cashews, apples, bananas or plain greek yogurt with a bit of honey.

Brittany: Almonds! I always keep some on hand.

Katelyn: I live on Kind bars! Right now my favorite is the Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt. It is slightly sweet, but the salt makes it so tasty!

Lucy: If I have time in the morning I love to make a hearty snack of Greek yogurt with fresh berries, honey, pomegranate seeds, granola, and ground flaxseed.

Dioni: Lots of fruit, nuts and all natural smoothies and juices.

Nancy: Raw Almonds.

Alexandra: Fage Greek yogurt with honey and almonds!

Jackie: I love avocado! You can add it to so many meals or smoothies to give it that extra flavor and texture.


Summer Stretch

Hi Beauties!

Summer is the perfect time to get started with a new daily stretch routine. Your muscles are ready for a little extra love and care after a day in the sun. In dance and Ballet Beautiful stretching is an important part of daily life to keep your muscles loose and body limber. Gentle stretches along with the Ballet Beautiful exercises will make an incredible difference in how you look and feel and how your body moves. You do not need to have extreme flexibility and a full split to receive the amazing benefits of a daily stretch routine. We like to look at stretching as a necessary luxury that you can use to help keep your muscles released, focus on your body and give you a chance to relax.

Using the ballet barre for stretching is a great way to provide extra stability while allowing you to go a little deeper and fully relax into your stretches. If you don’t have access to a barre you can still benefit from these stretches. Read No Barre, No Problem to find out some of our favorite substitutions when you don’t have a barre handy.

If you need a little extra help with your stretch routine make sure to check out these streaming videos or subscribe to the Custom Workout for complete access to the streaming library.

NEW! Stretch & Tone: Barre Stretch
Ballet Basics Barre, Classic Stretch 
Ballet Beautiful Stretch Bundle
Classic Split & Hamstring Stretch
Center Splits

A few of our FAVORITES!!

Hamstring Stretch

– pull in tight through your stomach
– keep your hips square
– flexing your foot can add a nice calf stretch
– adding a port de bras helps to deepen the stretch and stretch through your waist
– hold for 30-60 seconds taking deep breaths and relaxing

Hip Opener 

– keep your supporting leg straight
– don’t worry if the knee on the barre is not flat work within your range of motion
– keep your hips square to the barre
– gently lean forward to deepen the stretch
– hold for 30-60 seconds taking deep breaths and relaxing

Stretch a la Seconde

– keep both legs straight
– keep your hips facing the barre
– add a port de bras towards the leg on the barre to increase the stretch
– hold for 30-60 seconds taking deep breaths and relaxing





Inside the Custom Workout, July!

Hi Beauties!

Summer has officially begun and we are loving the ballet burn from our two newest workouts!

I love how effective working in 6th position (parallel) can be to target the ballet muscles of you inner and outer thigh, and especially glutes! The Side Lunge Cardio Workout provides a full body burn that targets all of your ballet muscles with special focus on the butt and waist. The workout progresses from small movements like tendu, to large battement movements just like exercises in a ballet barre. The progression is great way to pay extra attention to your form and prepare your body for fuller, bigger movements. Don’t forget to check that you’re staying truly parallel with your feet and legs to get the most out of your Side Lunge Cardio workout.

Pro Tip, Side Lunge Cardio – Throughout the workout you plié and bend forward at the waist, this will charge up the muscles in your butt and core. Think of pulling your belly button in to your spine to protect your low back as you bend forward at the waist and stick your butt out. The position should feel like you’re sitting in a chair in order to achieve the extra booty burn.

Side Lunge Cardio, Mini


The Temps Lié Workout is inspired by the dance step Temps lié, meaning a step to connect. Temps lié can be performed in any direction and it is used to transfer your weight from one leg to another while dancing. Temps lié is also a great step to strengthen and tone your ballerina leg muscles, paying close attention to fully bending and straightening your legs each time you move through the position. The Temps Lié Workout is a fun dance-y workout that incorporates some of the most elemental steps in ballet to lift your heart rate and tone your Ballet Beautiful body.

Pro Tip, Temps Lié Workout – This workout is meant to be danc-y and fun. You should feel like you’re gliding across stage. Don’t get caught up in the steps, just have fun! The most important part is to keep moving so that your heart rate stays up. Keep your core tight, shoulders relaxed and enjoy!

Temps Lié Workout, Mini

Take a peek, and get started today!

xoxo Mary Helen