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Ballet Beautiful Buzz #10

Listen: You Must Remember This Podcast

It is so much fun to listen to this podcast! It shares the inside secrets and stories from Hollywood’s Golden Age. All the episodes are well researched and involve great storytelling. It is fascinating to hear what happened behind the scenes during this iconic time period. We always find ourselves completely sucked in and looking forward to the next episode. If you love classic movies, history or interesting gossip, we highly recommend this podcast!

Watch: Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan & Wonder Woman

We have two great movies for you! If you are in NYC – we recommend the new Wendy Whelan film called Restless Creature. Wendy is an incredible ballerina who danced with the New York City Ballet for 30 years! See this film for a night of beautiful dancing performances and an inside look at the determination and hard work that takes place behind the scenes.

AND of course we are very excited about Wonder Woman! It is about time we had a female superhero movie! It is great to see the incredible reviews it has received and its box office performance. Not only is it such a great story, the message it sends and how empowering it is for women and girls is all around wonderful!

Make: Summer Berry Trifle or Cobbler

We love using fresh berries in the Summer since they are finally in season. They are such a great way to enjoy a sweet, healthy treat. We are currently obsessed with our Red, White, and Blue “Trifle” from our Memorial Day Dishes post — you can find the recipe here. Another great treat we love to make is a fresh berry cobbler. Enjoy!


We are excited about Alexa Chung’s new clothing line! We love seeing what Alexa is wearing because she always puts her own unique touch on any outfit. Her style is distinctive and personal, so we are glad that we can now find all things Alexa in one spot! We personally love her dresses and mini skirts. Check out the full line here.

Summer Drinks

Summer has *almost* officially arrived, and we are already feeling the heat! One of our favorite ways to cool down is with a fun drink that is ice cold and refreshing. We’ve even started making our own “spa water” at the studio by adding lemons and limes to our water pitchers! Many of the beverage options in stores and coffee shops are loaded with sugar or artificial additives, so we decided to create our own using healthy and all natural ingredients. We’ve included some of our favorite recipes below. Pour over ice and enjoy!

Cucumber Mint Lemonade:

-Sliced Cucumbers

-Lemonade (homemade or store-bought)


Sparkling Berry Refresher:

-Sparkling Water



-Sliced Strawberries

-Optional: Mint or Sliced Lemon to garnish

Watermelon and Lime Cooler:

-Unsweetened Watermelon Juice

-Sparkling Water

-Watermelon Chunks

-Juice from 1/2 lime

-Lime for garnish

Mango Peach Iced Tea:

-Unsweetened Iced Tea

-Mango Puree

-Sliced Peaches

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Ballet Bootcamp – Summer Challenge

Hi Beauties! The summer is upon us and we thought it would be fun to turn up the heat with a Bootcamp Style Workout Challenge.  We’ve included a few more exercises than our traditional BBChallenge to help increase the burn. These exercises will help you kick off your summer workout and achieve amazing results.

Just like the other BB Challenges, it will consist of completing the workouts every day and we will help keep each other motivated. Share your workouts with us and how you are doing by using the hashtag: #BBChallenge. We will also be sharing our updates with all of you on our social media channels so please follow along with us @balletbeautifulfit.

Here are the details:

We will be starting the challenge on Monday, June 12 and it will be ending on Sunday, June 18.

All the workouts we will be following are available in the Custom Workout. If you are not a member of the Custom Workout, this is a great time to join to get started on achieving your fitness goals! *Use code SpringCW17 for 60% off your first month.

It is very easy to do these workouts no matter where you are. The only equipment you will be needing is a mat and some space. It is also always helpful to have a towel with you and some water.

Please join us as we #TrainLikeABallerina! We can’t wait to get started!

Click here to download & print a PDF version of the calendar.

Summer Abs

Building a strong sleek dancer’s core is at the center of every Ballet Beautiful workout. Try these 3 exercises to target your ballet core!

Classic Ballet Beautiful Abs with Extended Arms- In this position lower and lift your upper body. As your body lowers allow your arms to drop slightly releasing in your elbows. When you your body lifts bring your arms back up slightly above shoulder height.
4 sets of 8 reps

Training Tips:
-Relax your shoulders away from your ears
-Think of pulling your belly button to your spine
-Only go back as far as you can while keeping your stomach pulled in


Ab Twist with Port de Bras- Begin in the same starting position as the exercise above. As you sit up tall add a slight twist in your upper body to the left while lifting your right arm overhead, as shown. Lower your body to center and repeat to the right.
4 sets of 8 reps alternating sides

Training Tips:
-Keep your hips square when twisting
-Relax your hip flexors when sitting up tall
-Initiate the lowering of your body by pulling your abs in more

Ballet Abs Extension- Lying on your back begin with both legs reaching straight up from your hips in a small 1st position. Lower your left leg and left arm while keeping your abs engaged. Stop your leg about 1 inch off the ground and return back to the starting position and repeat on the right.
4 sets of 8 reps alternating sides

Training Tips:
-Only lower your leg as far as you can with your stomach pulled in
-Keep both legs stretched long
-Relax your neck and shoulders

Have fun and enjoy your workout!

Find more helpful tips to get the most out of your ab work here.



Ballet Beautiful Around the Web

Hello Ballet Beauties! We have a new roundup of some of the gorgeous Ballet Beautiful pictures we have seen around the web. We always love seeing your snaps so please tag us or use the #BalletBeautiful hashtag so we can see how you #TrainLikeABallerina! Please keep sharing them with us!

Huge thanks to @victoriasport, @mommymadnessch, @anaischarlotte.s, @beczenbooks, @fie.holm, @mcommemanoon, @lcaitlin and @zagreb41_tam!

Here is a list of the Ballet Beautiful pieces featured above:

Custom Workout

Satin workout slippers with elastic

Classic legwarmers

– Arabesque tee

Ballerina crew neck tee

Pinch-front cami leotard

Maximize your Summer Burn!

Congratulations, Beauties you’ve finally made it to warmer weather! With summer plans and beach trips quickly approaching it’s also important to think about carving out time for yourself and your workout. One thing to keep in mind is that flexibility is key and you can do your Ballet Beautiful workout anytime and anywhere.

Below are some of our favorite exercises and programs to keep you feeling fabulous and toned, even if you only have 15 minutes before hitting the beach. We always feel just a little bit better with our ballet posture and tight muscles activated to take on the day.


BB Classic Exercises (Perform all exercises as a full series)

4 sets of 8 Swan Arms low, 4 sets of 8 Swan Arms high, 4 sets of 8 Swan Arms side

5 sets of 8 Classic Bridge, feet hip width apart

4 sets of 8 Classic Ballet Beautiful abs, lower and lift

4 sets of 8 Hold in the lower, hard to hold, ab position

4 sets of 8 Plié in first position (standing)

4 sets of 8 Relevé in second position (standing)

**Bonus try Swan Arms in the ocean or pool. The added resistance of the water increases the burn


Streaming Videos (Choose 1 video then enjoy the sun!)

Stretch & Tone: Arms and Abs

Prima Series Full Body on the Mat

Ballerina Leg Blast on the Mat

15-min Ballet Beautiful Body


Custom Workout

This is an awesome choice for our Beauties looking to maximize our exclusive Streaming Library and their results.  With access to the complete streaming library enjoy personalized weekly workouts from any location!

Summer Style Guide

It’s time for our Summer Ballerina Style Guide! Here are some of our favorite Ballet Beautiful activewear pieces to wear in the warmer weather. These leotards are light, airy and bright, so we love wearing them from the BB studio to the streets! Pair them with mini skirts, maxi skirts, high waisted pants, shorts, or with a denim jacket for an instant ballet chic look!

Classic Half Sleeve Leotard in Pale Pink

Pinch-Front Cami Leotard in Black

Mesh-Trimmed Halter Leotard in White & Silver

Sweetheart Half-Sleeve Leotard in White

Cut-Out Stretch Cami Leotard in Orchid

Cap Sleeve Leotard in Grey

Memorial Day Dishes

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of Summer and we couldn’t be more ready for the warmer weather! It is a great opportunity to get together with family and friends and enjoy good food and conversation. We have put together a few delicious BB approved dishes that are easy to make and perfect for any Memorial Day shindig you might be having! Hope you enjoy the recipes and have a fun and relaxing holiday weekend!

xoxo – The Ballet Beautiful Team

Tomato Salad

– Heirloom Tomatoes

– Basil

– Olive oil

– Goat cheese or mozzarella cheese

– Optional Balsamic Vinegar

Pasta Salad

– Whole Wheat Penne (or pasta of your choice)

– Olives

– Arugula

– Feta Cheese

– Red onion

– Olive oil

Shrimp Skewers

– Shrimp

– Lemon

– Olive Oil

– Garlic Powder

– Salt and Pepper

– Zucchini, Bell Peppers, Onions (or any other vegetables that you like)

Red, White, and Blue “Trifle”

– Strawberries

– Blueberries

– Raspberries

– Greek Yogurt

– Granola

– Honey

Inside the Custom Workout, May!

Hi Beauties!

We are excited to share a sneak peak into our new workouts for May!

I love the way that the floor barre inspired exercises in Ballerina Legs: Lengthen & Tone offer a complete workout for every muscle in your legs to create the long, lean line of a dancer. This mat based workout uses dance steps like develope, fondu and beats to tighten and tone your legs with the added benefit of strengthening your ballet core. Remember to pay close attention to my cues about when to work in parallel or turn out in order to get the most out of your total leg workout.

Pro Tip, Ballerina Legs: Lengthen & Tone – These exercises can also offer a serious ballet core burn. You want to make sure that your chest and shoulders are relaxed on the mat and that your hips stay grounded on the floor when you lift your leg. In order to do this think of pulling your belly button to your spine to engage your abs, and keep your hip flexors relaxed. This is especially important when working with both legs in the air. Once you build the strength to hold your abdominals and move your legs at the same time you will be amazed at how much stronger you’ll feel doing standing work. 

Ballerina Legs: Lengthen & Tone, Mini 

Cardio Core is a fun blend of ballet cardio, light weights and small bends through the waist for a deeper core burn. You’ll be having so much fun moving and keeping your heart rate up you won’t even realize what an amazing workout your waist and core will be getting at the same time. The addition of light weights in your cardio work helps to increase the effectiveness of your cardio workout while providing a bonus arm workout.

Pro Tip, Cardio Core – Doing this workout without weights is still super effective, so listen to how your body is feeling that day. If you decide not to use weights still move your arms through the same positions to help increase the caloric burn of the cardio work. You can add your own resistance to arm work by imagining that you are pressing through water. Be careful not to allow your arms to flap wildly, think of being deliberate and resist the movement using the muscles in your back.

Cardio Core, Mini 

Take a peek and get started today!

xoxox Mary Helen 

Meet the Trainer: Nancy Richer

How did you start dancing?

I started dancing after begging my parents for lessons when I was three.

What is your favorite Ballet Beautiful workout move?

Definitely Swan Arms.

What is your top fitness tip?

Find what you enjoy doing and do it consistently. Try not to equate being healthy and fit with deprivation.

What is your best healthy living tip?

That healthy living is a process not a destination.

What is your favorite dance memory?

There are so many! Any time I get a bouquet of flowers during bows makes me feel extremely special.

Favorite ballet?

To dance: Three way tie between Rubies, Swan Lake, and Tarantella.

To watch: Theme and Variations.

Favorite go-to healthy food?

Raw almonds.

What is your favorite indulgence or treat?

Taking baths every night.

How do you style your dancewear from the studio to the streets?

Ballet flats for life! ❤

Do you have a favorite app that makes your life easier?

I check Astrology Zone pretty regularly.

Something interesting about yourself we wouldn’t expect?

I love going on Wikipedia binges before bed. I am not sure if that’s interesting?

When you’re not dancing, we can find you… 

Hanging with my cat, Prancy.