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Senior Master Trainer – Katelyn Prominski Baud

Katelyn Meet the Trainer

How did you start dancing?

I started dancing when I was five, my mother put me in ballet classes at our local community center. My life was centered around playing dress up and I was always dancing around the house, so my mother thought ballet classes would be the perfect outlet!

What is your favorite Ballet Beautiful workout move?

My favorite Ballet Beautiful workout is bridge! It’s such a targeted exercise with endless variations! You can feel it working immediately!

What is your top fitness tip?

My top fitness tip is to pull in your abs all of the time! Having strong abs protect your back and automatically give you better posture. If you keep your abs tightened all of the time, just simply walking down the street can turn into an awesome exercise for your core!

What is your best healthy living tip?

Drinking enough of water is the easiest and most effective tip to live a healthy life! Also, getting 8 hours of sleep at night, but it never feels like there are enough hours in the day to accomplish that goal!

What is your favorite dance memory?

I have so many incredible dance memories. My first performance with a new company, dancing in a world premiere, performing with food poisoning, hearing the orchestra play the 4th act of Swan Lake, ripping all of the ligaments in my left ankle onstage, or my first dance with my husband (who is also a dancer) at our wedding. After dancing professionally for 14 years, I cannot choose a favorite!

Favorite ballet?

My favorite ballet would have to be Concerto Barocco, choreographed by George Balanchine. The twenty minute ballet is comprised of three movements and the eight corps de ballet girls never leave the stage. It is one of the most physically challenging, yet absolutely satisfying ballets to dance and when it’s over you feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment for making it through!

katelyn meet the trainer 2

Favorite go-to healthy food?

I live on Kind bars! Right now my favorite is the Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt. It is slightly sweet, but the salt makes it so tasty!

What is your favorite indulgence or treat?

Dark chocolate covered almonds!

How do you style your dance wear from the studio to the streets?

Now that winter is fast approaching, I love wearing leg warmers underneath my knee high boots. I also enjoy wearing a leotard underneath some skinny jeans because it gives a seamless and flattering line to the body. Also, the Ballet Beautiful tights are the most comfortable and flattering tights I have ever worn, and coming from a ballet dancer, that is a lot of pairs!

Do you have a favorite app that makes your life easier?

Notes! It is not fancy but I keep running lists in the Notes section of my phone. Grocery lists, what to read, what to watch, and even a list of restaurants that I want to check out!

Something interesting about yourself we wouldn’t expect?

I have Type 1 Diabetes! I was diagnosed in 2012 and it completely changed my life!

When you’re not dancing, we can find you…

Most likely not in New York! My husband and I travel endlessly for work or to see family and friends. Since I danced for ballet companies all over the US, I have a slew of friends in different cities. I have such a great time revisiting my old stomping grounds and exploring new places!

How To Style Your BB Tights


With the weather getting colder, tights season is now upon us! Dancers are always fashionably styling their tights from studio to the streets and making it look so effortless and chic. They know how to cut them in the right places, and pair them with the right pieces.

At Ballet Beautiful we have extensive experience with tights, so we wanted to share these styling tips with all of you so that you can make that ballerina look your own. Here’s how:

In the studio:

Ballerinas love to cut their tights and play around with different styles to find the most comfortable, flattering look. They aren’t afraid to pull out a good pair of sharp scissors and start snipping.

One way that dancers often style their tights is to cut off the toes and the back of the heel for a sleek stirrup look, which also creates more traction within the slipper by exposing the toes and heel. This simple DIY stirrup extends over the ankle and can be worn over or under dance slippers or pointe shoes. Dancers are always working to lengthen and extend the legs and this fun look does just the trick. It’s the perfect accent to your Ballet Beautiful workout, stretching the lines of the legs while providing a great grip within the shoe.


Another favorite look for dancers is to cut the tights at legging or crop length. This provides more openness and an airy feel, shows off those hard-earned calf muscles and defined ankles and helps ballerinas to feel uninhibited while they dance. Worried about being too cool with the approaching winter weather? Pair with our legwarmers for a look that is all about dance!


The final choice for a studio look would be to wear the tights with the full foot. This is a more polished, formal look, and more similar to how tights are often worn onstage. Simply pair with your favorite warmers and leotard, pull on your slippers, and you are ready to go!


An important style tip to note is that in class and rehearsals most dancers wear their tights over their leotard. Try this style tip to get the look of a dancer in the know :)

On the streets:

Since dancers have to be in their tights all day, they have found easy, fashionable ways to take their tights from the studio to the streets.

One way that they do this is by wearing a cute A-line skirt on top of their tights and tucking their tights into heels, flats or boots. Paired with a stylish leotard, this serves as the perfect top and creates a quick polished look that is so easy to take right to the streets.

Another easy way that dancers style their tights for the street is by wearing a boyfriend sweater or a sweater dress over their tights and pairing that with flats or boots. This is another super comfortable, chic ballet inspired street style look that anyone can do.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what tights styling tricks work for you! Make sure to have a good pair of sharp scissors and tights with a seam in the back work best to prevent the tights from running. Have a few pairs of tights so you can try a few different styles.

Have fun and share pictures with us of how you style your tights from studio to the streets! We would love to see!


Ballet Beautiful Buzz #7


See: The Rockettes

One of the most remarkable shows during holiday season is The Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the iconic Rockettes. It is a beautiful and dynamic show and the Rockettes are absolutely incredible. It is extra special to the Ballet Beautiful team because two of our BB trainers – Samantha and Jackie – are Rockettes! As you can imagine, this makes us even more excited to go see them perform! If you are in NYC, we highly recommend it as it is a show that everyone will enjoy. If you are not in NYC, you can watch the show here.

Make: Healthy Apple Recipes

At Ballet Beautiful we love our apples! We always have our favorite varieties in the studio as a healthy snack and we also love finding ways to incorporate them into our meals. If you are looking for new ways to include apples in your meals check out our recent blog post on our Favorite Fall Apple Recipes. They are easy, tasty ways to enjoy this in-season fruit!

Wear: Legwarmers

Legwarmers are the perfect cold winter accessory because they instantly make any outfit look ballerina chic! They keep your muscles warm while working out, and look just as adorable paired with streetwear as they do in the studio. Check out our Fall Ballerina Style Guide to learn how we like to wear our Ballet Beautiful activewear from the studio to the streets in the colder months and how you can do it too.

Read: The Happy Cook by Daphne Oz

We enjoy discovering healthy and timesaving recipes, which is why we are currently obsessed with Daphne Oz’s new cookbook, The Happy Cook! The recipes are delicious and easy to pull together on a weeknight. They truly feel like you are adding a touch of gourmet to your everyday life. Daphne understands how our lives are busy and knows how to make flavorful meals fit into our hectic schedules.

Fall Ballerina Style Guide

Now that the weather is cooler, we wanted to share our Fall Ballerina Style Guide! We love wearing our Ballet Beautiful activewear from the studio to the streets all year long and wanted to show you how you can do it too. There are so many stylish ways to incorporate these pieces into your outfits in the colder months and they are great for layering.

Here are some cute ideas on how you can put these outfits together, and please share pictures with us of how you like to rock the look! We love seeing how you wear your Ballet Beautiful fashion!

xoxo – The BB Team

Skirt with Ballet Beautiful Tights, Classic Legwarmers and Street Ballerina Leather Ankle Wrap Flats 

dioni bb fall style


dioni fall outfits 2

Dress with Ballet Beautiful Tights, Classic Legwarmers and Boots

FullSizeRender (6)

Favorite Fall Apple Recipes!

The rest of the world might be pumpkin spice obsessed but at Ballet Beautiful what we are most excited about is apples!

Although you can eat apples all year around, during the fall is when you will find the most delicious apples because they are in season, so they are extra sweet and flavorful. We love it when it is apple season because not only are they a great healthy food to enjoy, there are so many different ways to incorporate apples into your meals.

Here are some of our favorite ways to eat apples so you can enjoy them as well and please share your favorite ways to eat apples with us!

FullSizeRender (3)

Fall Salad: Granny smith apples, walnuts, dried cranberries and goat cheese over arugula with balsamic vinegar and olive oil


Oatmeal with sliced gala apples, almonds and cinnamon

FullSizeRender (1)

Greek yogurt with honeycrisp apples, pecans, cinnamon and granola

FullSizeRender (2)

Sparkling Apple Cider: apple cider and sparkling water

Ballet Beautiful Around the Web

Hello Ballet Beauties! Here is a new roundup of some of the pretty Ballet Beautiful pictures we have seen around the web. We always love seeing your snaps so please tag us or use the #BalletBeautiful hashtag so we can see how you #TrainLikeABallerina! Please keep sharing them with us!

BB Around the Web 6

Huge thanks to @btft, @raquel_zimmermann ,@xochitlva, @dio__ni, @jackieaitken and @cristinaehrlich!

Here is a list of the Ballet Beautiful pieces featured above:

Leather Street Shoes

Mesh Trimmed Halter Leotard

Satin Workout Slippers

– Stretch Jersey Turtleneck Leotard

Tulle Skirt

Ballet Street Style Tips from the BB Trainers!

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 2.42.52 PM

If anyone is an expert in Ballet street style it is our BB trainers! They are constantly wearing their Ballet Beautiful activewear from their BB training sessions or dance rehearsals to the streets of NYC.

Since Ballerina inspired fashion is one of the hottest trends this season we wanted to share a roundup of how they rock their ballet clothes from the studio the streets. Hope you find them helpful and please share with us your favorite ways to rock this trend!

“My favorite dancewear to wear out in cooler weather are my legwarmers! I pair them with boots and jeans and love how comfortable and cute they look and feel.” – Lucy

“I love to wear my black tights and a leotard with a pair of jean shorts and a light jacket. It’s stylish and I can easily transition into a session!” – Brittany

“I often rock any of the leotards with high waisted skirts or trousers. It’s a sleek, useful look that never fails to turn heads.” – Danielle

“I like to wear my Ballet Beautiful black mesh leotard with high-waisted shorts or skinny jeans when I leave the studio.” – Alexandra

I often wear a pair of shorts or jeans over my leotard and like this I have my outfit for the day. Sometimes I add a ballet wrap when it’s chilly. It’s elegant, comfortable and practical.” – Dioni

BB Fall Tips

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 9.51.11 AM

Now that Summer is over, our routines of work and school have started up again. Getting back into the swing of things can be hard after relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. We might have gotten out of our fitness and health routines and getting back into it can seem daunting. This is where having the right mindset is absolutely key. Adjusting the way you look at obstacles can reframe everything. To help I want to share some tips for having the right mindset so you can apply them to getting back into your routines and achieving your fitness goals.

First: Believe that you deserve the health, beauty and grace you desire

An important part of making healthy changes and establishing new habits is to have a positive outlook. You need to believe that you are worth it and tune out the negative voices. They are your own worst enemy when you are trying to reach your goals and build a happy, healthy life for yourself. Become aware of these destructive thoughts and begin to replace them with positive, encouraging thoughts about yourself and always remind yourself that you can and will achieve your goals.

Second: Set realistic goals

An important part of reaching your goals is making sure to set realistic, clear goals. If we do not set specific goals then our motivation or inspiration will break down. They need to be structured so that they keep you on track. Make sure to be clear about your goal, identify it, and then map out the steps to get you there. This will ensure that you truly believe in your goal and you work hard to achieve it. It is the little things that you do every single day that impact the big picture and get you where you want to be. I recommend crafting a realistic breakdown of markers in time – stay on track by thinking about where you want to be after two weeks, after one month, after three months and after six months and beyond.

Third: It’s a Process

Determining and realizing your goals is not as simple as naming a desired outcome. It is going to be a process that involves hard but also incredibly rewarding work. It requires that you look deep inside to understand what makes you tick, what makes you feel motivated, and what makes you want to quit. You will have to find ways to make it work around your other commitments and see how it best fits into your life. Be flexible, listen and trust yourself to work each day to move toward your goal. You will get there and you will be a more empowered person!

BB Fall Challenge

for-insta (1)

#BBChallenge – Part 2: Legs & Posture

Fun news! It is time for Part 2 of the Ballet Beautiful Health Challenge! To help us get back into our workout routines, we created a Legs & Posture workout challenge that we could all do together for a week.

Just like the first BB Challenge, it will consist of completing the workouts every day and we will help keep each other motivated. Share your workouts with us and how you are doing by using the hashtag: #BBChallenge. We will also be sharing our updates with all of you on our social media channels so please follow along with us!

Here are the details:

We will be starting the challenge on Monday, September 19 and it will be ending on Sunday, September 25.

All the workouts we will be following are available in the Custom Workout. If you are not a member of the Custom Workout, this is a great time to join to get started on achieving your fitness goals!

It is very easy to do these workouts no matter where you are. The only equipment you will be needing is a mat and some space. It is also always helpful to have a towel with you and some water.

Please join us as we #TrainLikeABallerina! We can’t wait to get started!

Without further ado, you can find the workout below as well as a few helpful tips!

calendar_v2 (1)


* The exercises where we say 4 sets of 8 are not connected to a video in the Custom Workout – they are classic Ballet Beautiful exercises that you can do anywhere so we have included them in case you want to do them as a work break in the middle of the day. If you would like more guidance on the exercises you can refer to the Ballet Beautiful book, which has descriptions of each, or take a look at the Quick Tip videos on our BB YouTube channel.

* To do a BB crunch: Start from a seated position on the floor, extend your legs out long. Pull your stomach towards your spine and extend your upper body behind you. Lift your arms to a ballet first position and scoop your lower abs in. Keep pulling your abs in as you do little lower and lift pulses.

New York Fashion Week, Ballet Beautiful Style!


New York Fashion Week (#NYFW) is here and we could not be more excited! Ballerina inspired fashion is one of the hottest trends this season. From Valentino to Sachin and Babi and more, ballet is a major influence in many of fashion’s major players. 

Ballerina style is our specialty! We’re sharing some of our tips of how we do it. From your workouts to your fashion, to the runway, we have you covered! Without further ado, here is how to rock out New York Fashion Week in Ballet Beautiful Style!

Sachin & Babi + Ballet Beautiful: We couldn’t have been more excited to partner with Sachin & Babi and our friends at Fort Gansevoort for their NYFW show. Some of our BB trainers gracefully danced in pointe shoes in their beautiful Spring 2017 designs. We loved watching them twirl and pose in such elegant pieces. The presentation show was magical!

Ballet Beautiful Street Shoes: Being out and about all day can be very tiring for your feet. When you need to give them a rest, slip on our Ballet Beautiful Street Shoes! Our simple and elegant shoes finish off any outfit with a chic touch. They are the perfect shoes that provide style and comfort all day long!

Mesh Wrap Top: We always love to have a chic sweater or scarf on hand in case we get cold. Our Mesh Wrap Top has been a recent favorite – it is so delicate and sophisticated. Its the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and is so easy to pack with you for a long day. 

Ballet Beautiful Supermodel Blast Workouts: Whenever we workout we always feel more energized, positive and confident! NYFW is extremely busy but you can always fit in a quick workout. Luckily our BB blasts are fast, super effective and you can do them from anywhere. In honor of fashion week we love to do one of our bestselling supermodel workouts that tone and sculpt like no other! 

Stay Hydrated: When you are so busy, it is easy to forget to drink your water. To make sure we stay on top of it, we always pack our Ballet Beautiful water bottle and fill it up any chance we get. If we have it with us there is no excuse! Being hydrated means we can keep cravings away and feel our best.

*Images courtesy of @maisonvalentino & @snacktoria on Instagram