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Ballerina Thigh Bundle

Dance experience not required!

Two new videos from our exclusive Custom Workout Library! Classic Inner Thigh & Plie a La Seconde 

Classic Inner Thigh

For a ballet dancer, the inner thighs are one of the most worked muscles. This mat based toning workout adds beautiful definition and tone to the legs, sculpting sleek ballerina thighs. With a focus on strengthening the inner thigh muscles, our Classic Inner Thigh workout gets you ballet ready, with or without dance experience!

Plie a La Seconde

From our exclusive Custom Workout Library! This standing workout incorporates on of ballet's must fundamental movements, the Plie in a La Seconde, to strengthen and shape the inner thighs and legs. Our plie workout incorporates low impact cardio to get the heart rate up and add an extra Ballet Beautiful Burn.

*Previously named "Thigh Bundle"
Run Time: 26 minutes
Level: 8