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Introduction to Ballet Beautiful Learn more about us and how to get started
What is Ballet Beautiful?

We are a ballet-inspired fitness and lifestyle brand created by professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers. The Ballet Beautiful workout uses classical ballet training to target and strengthen muscles that dancers use in their everyday training. Mat work and floor barre movements are mixed with barre work, stretches and low-impact ballet cardio to shape and elongate powerful ballet muscles through the legs, butt, core, and upper body while building elegant posture. Built upon the artistry and athleticism of classical ballet, we offer a fresh and uniquely artistic approach to exercise, well-being, and health. No dance experience or expensive equipment required!

How can I work out with Ballet Beautiful?

Ballet Beautiful trains with members in over 130 countries worldwide through an online monthly Custom Workout subscription. We also offer single-purchase streaming videos and a region-free collection of best-selling DVDs. Ballet Beautiful allso offers exclusive ONLINE group classes and one-on-one online private training. Please check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program

I've never danced before in my life. Can I still work out with Ballet Beautiful?

Yes! Our workouts are designed to be accessible to anyone, with or without dance experience. Beginners are welcome to jump right in to our online streaming videos, DVDs, Custom Workout monthly subscription, or in-studio group classes and private sessions.

I’m a beginner - where should I start?

Our Custom Workout offers the most comprehensive training available including access to our specialized beginner programs. If you’re just getting started, here are some of our favorite introductory streaming workout series:

  • Beginning Ballet Beautiful
  • Body Recharge
  • Intro Series
How many days a week should I work out with Ballet Beautiful?

The more you are able to do Ballet Beautiful, the more it will do for you! We recommend a minimum of 3 hours a week for optimal results, and recommend one true rest day a week as well. We also understand that life is very busy and you may not have 3 or more hours a week to train. We have been there, too! We have over 300 videos that range from 5-30 minutes in length to help you squeeze in your workouts on-the-go and when you are crunched for time.

Do you offer a meal plan to go along with the workouts?

At this time we don’t provide any nutrition counseling or advice. Our approach is a very balanced, healthy one that focuses on whole foods and satisfying, nourishing meals. For more information on the Ballet Beautiful lifestyle, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social @balletbeautiful

How much does the Ballet Beautiful membership cost?

Your ULTIMATE Online Ballet Workout, The Custom Workout, costs $39.99 per month. Included in your membership are Personalized Playlists, NEW workouts, Livestreams & challenges every month PLUS 400+ Exclusive videos & Digital DVDs. You can reactivate or cancel your Membership at any time from your online account. You can also create a free account on our website and purchase individual streaming videos.

Navigation, Purchases, and Subscriptions A guide to navigating our website, making purchases, and using our online workouts

Purchasing Activewear and DVDs

Do you have a size chart for the items in your store?

Yes! For your reference, below is our size chart for all Ballet Beautiful activewear and slippers. If you need any further guidance or would like a personal recommendation, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we can make a suggestion based on your personal information and sizes.

Size Chart

I don’t live in the US. Can I still place an order on your site?

Yes! We accept purchases from anywhere in the world and ship internationally. Please note: Each country has different regulations regarding international purchases and deliveries. We recommend checking with your local post office if you have not placed an international order before and would like more information about customs policies in your country. Please check our return policy for details. Customers outside of the USA are responsible for any custom fees associated with international delivery.

I'm interested in purchasing one of your DVDs, but I'm not located in the US. Will it play in my home country?

Yes! All of the DVDs on our website are region 0, so they will play on all international DVD players.

How long does international shipping take and how much does it cost?

It varies depending on the country, but we generally ask that you allow around 10-14 business days for shipping international orders. Depending on the customs policies and procedures in your country, it could take more or less than two weeks to be delivered. We ship to all countries for a flat rate of $29.99. Some countries may charge additional customs fees, which is regulated by each individual government and can vary. Please contact your local postal service for more information about your country’s policies.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We accept exchanges, or returns for store credit, for most of the items on our site within 30 days including unworn slippers and some activewear (skirts, sweaters, wraptops) if the tags are still attached. Please note, all DVDs, leotards and tights are final sale.

You can find our Return Policy here, which details how to go about returning your item! Please be sure to include a note in your package for our orders team, stating what you are exchanging for or if you’d prefer to return for store credit. If you have any questions about your purchase or return, please email us at [email protected] for assistance.

Purchasing and Viewing Streaming Videos

How many times can I watch a streaming video after I purchase it?

After purchasing a streaming video you can watch it again and again, without restriction.

I just purchased a streaming video. How do I watch it?

To access your purchased videos, log into your account on our website. If you are already logged in, click on the “My Account” icon at the top right corner of the page. Once you are on the “My Account” page, click on the tab labeled “Streaming Library”. This will take you to your personal streaming library where you can view all of your purchased videos. For FULL access to our online streaming library, subscribe to our Custom Workout!

Can I build playlists using the videos I've purchased for my streaming library?

Our playlist feature is only available to Custom Workout subscribers. With the subscription, you get unlimited access to our full library of over 300 streaming videos, two new workouts and a personal tutorial from Mary Helen every month, along with the ability to build and save personalized playlists!

Help! My streaming videos won't load.

Typically when this occurs, it is caused by your browser, internet connection or device software. We suggest running all available updates on both; additionally, we recommend fully clearing the cache on your browser and restarting your device. This will usually clear up any streaming issues!

We want you to be able to get to your workouts as soon as possible. If this doesn’t help, please email us at [email protected] and we will gladly assist further!

Technical Support & Payment Issues

Help! My payment method isn't working.

Oh no! It sounds like our system is having a problem processing your card. This can happen sometimes with certain international cards or if there is a problem with the billing address.

We would suggest making sure that all of the billing information is entered correctly; if there are any letters in your zip/postal code, make sure they are lowercase. We would also recommend contacting your credit card company/bank to see if they have any additional information about why this error occurred. If none of this helps, we would suggest trying a different card as it may just be a translation error that is causing a communication problem between the banking systems. Please also be sure to email our team at [email protected] so that we can assist. We want to get you up and running with your workouts as soon as possible!

We also offer PayPal as a payment option for all purchases.

My subscription was deactivated because my payment method expired.

You will need to re-subscribe to access your workouts – the most recent payment didn’t go through (usually this occurs when a credit card has expired, been cancelled, or your billing address has changed) so your subscription was automatically deactivated. Once you resubscribe with your updated credit card information your subscription will be live again!

If you have any further concerns, please email us at [email protected].

Using Your Custom Workout Subscription How to use and maximize your monthly subscription
What is the Custom Workout?

The Ballet Beautiful Custom workout is a one-of-a-kind online ballet-inspired fitness subscription. Custom Workout Subscribers enjoy

  • Unlimited access to our Streaming Library of 400+ Exclusive videos
  • 2 NEW Workouts and Tutorials every month
  • Monthly fitness challenges designed to maximize results
  • Monthly Livestreams with Founder Mary Helen Bowers
  • Customized Training Programs Tailored to Your Fitness Goals and Availability
  • Online access to our Bestselling DVD Library & More!

The Custom Workout creates personalized workout programs that can be updated at any time and change every month. These schedules are curated and created each month by Ballet Beautiful Master Trainers who are experts in designing the most effective training regimens possible. Keep an eye out on the first of the month for your brand new Custom Workout program, which will update in your account automatically.

The Custom Workout subscription also features the ability to create your own playlist using any of the videos in the streaming library! You can make as many playlists as you'd like, and each can be as long as you like. Create your own daily workout schedule, design your own collections of targeted abs, legs, cardio or arms workouts, or compile lists of your all-time favorite videos; the possibilities are endless!

Cancellation Policy: Custom Workout Members can cancel at anytime without fee. This monthly subscription auto-renews on the day that you signed up at the full $39.99 price every month prior to cancellation.

I've just subscribed! How do I access my Custom Workout?

You can access your subscription by logging into your account on our website which will automatically take you to your “My Account” dashboard page. From here you can access your library of streaming videos by clicking on the “Streaming Library” tab, update your Custom Workout settings and view your personalized workout programs from the “My Custom Workout” tab, and create and watch your playlists by selecting the “My Playlists” tab.

I no longer wish to continue with the Custom Workout. How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account – this should take you to the “My Account” page. There you will see a window that says “Membership”, where there is a link to “Cancel Subscription”.

Once you cancel you will still have access to your workouts until the end of your current billing period, at which point your subscription will expire and you will not be charged again. Keep an eye out for an email confirming your cancellation, and check your spam and junk folders if you don't receive it! For any assistance with cancellations please email us at [email protected].

I cancelled my subscription, but now I want to rejoin! Can I still access my old playlists and workout programs?

Yes! You can sign up for the Custom Workout again by purchasing it on our website. Once your purchase is complete and you are logged into your account, all of your settings (including your Custom Workout preferences and saved playlists) will be automatically restored!

Group Classes and Private Training How to join us for live workouts!
I'm interested in private training. Where can I get more information?

Private training is our most personalized form of training with each workout custom-tailored to your individual needs. Our team of Master Trainers will help you create a workout that fits your fitness goals perfectly! To learn more and purchase packages, visit our Private Training Page.

Sessions take place online. All packages have a 90 day expiration from the date of purchase. Please note that we request at least 24-hour's notice for any cancellation. All sales are final on all Private Training packages. For more information about our packages and pricing, email [email protected]!

I want to take a group class! How do I view the schedule and sign up?

Our exclusive weekly group classes are an intimate way to receive instruction and correction from our trainers while participating in an exciting group energy! We only offer group classes over Zoom.

You can view our group class schedule here, or by clicking on the “Train with Us” tab and selecting “Group Classes”. There you can sign up for class by clicking on the “Book a Group Class” button. This will take you to our Mindbody schedule page where you can purchase classes or packages and register for class. In order to make a purchase you will need to log in to your Mindbody account, or create one.

If it is your first class, we offer a special introductory rate of $25 for your first class or $100 for your first package of four classes. (Please note you can only purchase one of these introductory offers). For our full list of prices and packages, please visit our Mindbody schedule page.

What should I wear for class with Ballet Beautiful?

We recommend using a mat, and keeping a workout towel and water handy. Ballet slippers are recommended but not required – bare feet or socks work along with comfortable, form-fitting clothing that you are able to move freely in! We also carry a lovely selection of satin dance slippers, leotards, tights, legwarmers and more which are available for purchase in our online store.

Is your studio open?

The Ballet Beautiful NYC studio currently remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.