Ask Mary Helen

Hello Beauties! We just released a BRAND NEW Blast video in our store, The Bridge & Ball Workout!! (for our Custom Workout members you can find it in your account #bonusvid)

If you are wondering if you can use the Bridge on a Ball Workout without a stability ball the answer is YES. It just takes a bit of creativity!One if the things I love the most about this workout is how hard it is. The ball makes the entire Bridge workout less stable and forces you into your core. It also lifts the feet and butt higher off of the ground, increasing the range of motion for the butt and legs.  These are the keys to why the burn is so intense and the results so dramatic! If you are shopping for a ball check out Amazon or your local sports store.

If you are on the go or don’t have a stability ball here are few modifications you can try:

1) Stack pillows or couch cushions under your feet to get the extra height that really works your butt. Pillows also serve the same stability function as the ball, because it requires your to really use your muscles to balance. Just remember to be extra careful and pay attention that you aren’t sliding around or risking slipping. Use your judgement to find a position that feels safe and secure.  *tip – I like to work with the cushions on my mat for extra traction.

2)  Another great modification is to use a half dome. It moves less than the ball but also provides a terrific workout. Many gyms have them on hand which is great when you are working out from your smart phone!

Ball and Bridge Workout by Ballet Beautiful

Have fun and let me know what you think!

xoxoMary Helen