Ask MH - Healthy, Seasonal Oatmeal

Healthy, Seasonal Oatmeal Healthy, Seasonal Oatmeal

Healthy, summer Beauties!

With our busy schedule and do-it-all BB lifestyle, it is important to get the vitamins, energy and substance you need to fuel your day each morning. Filling up on a healthy breakfast is easy with one of my go-to customizable favorites, oatmeal!

The perfect option for every time of the year, you can constantly change your morning meal by adding seasonal fresh fruit, nuts, spices, organic dried fruit and almond milk. Here are three quick topping suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Old Fashioned Organic Oats

Summer – Its time to take advantage of yummy summer fruit! Mix your oatmeal with fresh, farmer’s market organic peaches for a natural sweet, refreshing taste of summer. Add in mixed nuts like raw almonds and walnuts for extra protein.

Autumn – Wild blueberries are perfectly delicious at the end of summer and beginning of fall. Packed with antioxidants and dietary fiber, blueberries mixed in with raw almonds will get your morning started on the right foot.

Winter – When fresh fruit is scarce, organic and natural dried fruit is the perfect alternative. Topping your oatmeal with dried prunes can add that sweet taste you are looking for without the overly processed sugar. Mixing in walnuts keeps the breakfast filling and yummy for the cold winter day ahead.

You can find more great healthy breakfasts and recipe ideas in our Ballet Beautiful book and back here each week! What are your favorite ways to dress up your morning oats?