Backstage Beauty - Gwen (beauty)

Hello Beauties! We are delighted to introduce you to one of our favorite Backstage Beauties, Gwen! Gwen is a modern day Moira Shearer, a flame haired beauty with a passion for ballet and all things beauty. As the Beauty Director at US Weekly, Gwen is a powerhouse in the media world with a killer arabesque and a soft spot for a crimson lip.

How did you hear about Ballet Beautiful?

I first heard of Ballet Beautiful from my friend Courtney Dunlop, who is a devotee. I went to the launch of the Ballet Beautiful DVDs and I was amazed to see Lily Aldridge and Erin Heatherton at the event. If two of the hottest bodies in the business do the workout, I wanted to get involved immediately!


What attracted you to the workout? At first I just wanted to try the workout in hopes of getting a butt like Mary Helen’s. Once I started, I was attracted to the grace and beauty of the workout. I love that it’s low cardio but high intensity. And I’m obsessed with the wardrobe! Ballet slippers beat grippy socks and certainly sneakers!



What changes in your body have you noticed since starting Ballet Beautiful?

My legs are longer and leaner than they’ve ever been. Every other workout method focuses on quads and hamstrings, but BB targets the inner and outer thighs. Also, thanks to gazillions of bridges, my butt is higher and rounder. (Still not close to Mary Helen’s, but definitely an improvement!)


How does a Ballet Beautiful workout make you feel?

A BB workout makes me feel calm and strong. I love the intimate feel of the studio and the major expertise of all of the trainers.

Mary Helen Bowers

And finally, as an expert, why is maintaining a healthy lifestyle important to one’s beauty routine?

No matter how much time and money you devote to anti-aging treatments and products, stress will sabotage your looks. The easiest way to control how you look is to control how you feel. Maintaing a healthy lifestyle is the ultimate beauty secret — it’s the best way to tap into your confidence and help you radiate an effortless glow.