Ballet Baby!

Hello Beauties!

As a first time mama-to-be I’m so thrilled to be safely in my second trimester and really settling into my new pregnancy. I’m at a point where my baby bump is getting noticeably bigger and strangers in cafes and on the train are commenting on my pregnancy, offering me their seat and being all around kind in a way that really stands out when you live in NYC! It’s exciting to know that the world is now in on my most special secret, this miraculous little life that is growing inside of me.

Today I am really looking forward to launching my Prenatal Diary and sharing the story of my pregnancy with all of you.

I hope you will share yours too! Over the course of the next few weeks and months I will be talking about my experiences as a pregnant first-timer, my ever changing body and what I’m doing to make this experience one of the happiest and healthiest times of my life.

I’m 20 weeks pregnant today and just about halfway there! Everyone says that the second trimester is the sweet spot for pregnancy and so far, I must say that I agree. Although I was very fortunate not to have been sick or very nauseated in the early months of my pregnancy, I’m amazed by how “normal” I feel right now. My energy is back and my fatigue has lessened dramatically.

Gone, is the overpowering urge for an afternoon nap.  Vegetables taste good to me again and I’m ok consuming meals that are not built entirely around carbs! To me this feels like a bit of a milestone.

I’m also loving my growing belly and the realization that the baby is getting bigger and stronger every day. And more active, too! I just started feeling little kicks and movements a few weeks ago and they are getting dramatically more noticeable as the days go by. Sometimes it feels like the baby is dancing up a storm in there! I love feeling the baby move, it’s like we are having our own private conversation.

One thing that I have noticed is that the things that make me either feel good or bad in my regular life are even more exaggerated now. For example, if I overdo it on the sugar or salt I feel terribly sick. I had some turkey sausage for breakfast last week and I swear it took over 24 hours for me to work it out of my system. I’m already extra thirsty being pregnant but the thirst I experienced from that turkey sausage was like no other. I will not be doing it again! Same with sweets and chocolate. While I kind of cannot get enough fresh fruit right now and love the taste of peaches, watermelons and berries and the way that they make me feel, I’m finding that I really have to take it easy with my beloved chocolate. The sugar and caffeine combo can make my body feel racy and all around weird.

The same is true for getting rest and exercise. A good night’s sleep and a nice workout make me feel more relaxed, happy and strong where skipping my workouts and skimping on sleep seem to make everything worse.  My Dr. gave me the green light to exercise from the beginning of my pregnancy and I’ve found that it really helps keep me feeling energized and strong. I am also having the best time working on a prenatal series for all of the Ballet Beauties out there! Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

All in all, I’m feeling incredibly blessed, and when I stop to consider that there are now two hearts beating in my body, it’s just one of the most exciting things in the world!

For all of our mamas-to-be, I’m wondering if this is your first time pregnancy or if you are already a mom and how you have been dealing with all of the change and what it’s like to balance your growing family? I can’t wait to share the journey with you all!

With love and best wishes during this special time! xoMary Helen