Ballet Beautiful Buzz #3

Hello Ballet Beauties! Here is a roundup of what we are loving right now:

See: An American in Paris

With Paris Fashion Week taking place right now, it reminds us of one of our favorite Broadway musicals: An American in Paris! It is based on the 1950s classic film about a young American soldier in Paris who stays in post-war Paris to become a painter and falls for a lovely French girl. The whole production is gorgeous and all of the dances are so beautiful. We had so much fun watching this show and definitely recommend it as a fun family outing that everyone will enjoy!

Do: Spring Cleaning

Now that spring is around the corner, we are inspired to clean out our closets and purge the clutter. When you have reached a point where you can no longer stand the untidiness, it becomes such a thrilling and satisfying activity. We are going to use these great tips from Elle to help us get the job done and de-clutter our lives. We have found some companies that are great for buying and selling clothes – like Poshmark and Tradesy, another great option is vintage stores that buy and re-sell clothes, and there’s always the wonderful opportunity to do a good deed and donate your clothes to a local charity ?

Read: My Brilliant Friend 

We recently read this novel by Elena Ferrante and fell in love with the beautiful story about two friends, Elena and Lila. It is such a touching reflection on the nature of friendship and how it evolves as you get older. The story takes place in the 1950s in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Naples. It focuses on how these best friends learn to rely on each other to survive childhood and adolescence. As you read this page turner you connect with the memories of your friendships growing up and how truly special they are. This book is the first in a tetralogy that follows the lives of these two girls. We loved the first novel and are excited to continue reading the series!

Make: Flower Arrangement

If you haven’t noticed, here at Ballet Beautiful we love decorating with flowers. They are beautiful and romantic, and always brighten up a room. Now that Spring is here, there are so many colorful flowers blooming that we are excited to put together gorgeous arrangements for the studio! We love the whole process of picking out our favorite flowers at the flower market, selecting a gorgeous vase, and putting the whole piece together. Here is a great article from Brit + Co that shares everything you need to know to put together a beautiful arrangement. This is such a lovely activity to celebrate nature and spring. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!