Ballet Beautiful Buzz #4

Hello Ballet Beauties! Here is a roundup of what we are loving right now:

Watch: Funny Face

Dancing, singing, fashion and Audrey Hepburn – it’s no surprise that we adore this movie! It is a fairytale love story about a librarian played by Audrey Hepburn who gets discovered as a fashion model, flown to Paris and falls in love along the way. The fashion is dazzling and there are memorable dance numbers that are still iconic today. It is always such a treat to watch an uplifting classic movie and this one is truly special! J

Wear: Jaime King x ColourPop Makeup Collaboration

Currently loving Jamie King’s new ColourPop makeup collection – Alchemy! The line has such gorgeous colors and beautiful finishes, all at an affordable price. The entire collection is incredible and you can tell that Jaime put so much time into creating makeup that is versatile and inclusive for all. We absolutely love the Alchemy Relevé for a soft golden highlight on the top of your cheekbones and under your eyebrows, and the full eye shadow palette because we love all the colors so it’s the perfect solution for all your eye shadow needs!

Make: Mason Jar Salads

Now that the weather is warmer and we are craving refreshing salads again, we are obsessed with packing mason jar salads for lunch. If you open the BB fridge you will usually see it stocked with a few of these colorful jars! They are super easy to make, fun to eat, and look so much more delicious than a Tupperware salad. They are also more convenient because the dressing is at the bottom so you don’t have to worry about it leaking, or making the lettuce soggy. If you have never made a mason jar salad before, here is a great article from Popsugar that breaks it all down. If you have been making mason jar salads for a while but looking for some new salad recipe inspiration, we love this article from Popsugar. Enjoy!

Do: Spring Picnic

The weather in NYC has been gorgeous lately, which makes us want to be outside all day long! The perfect activity to take advantage of the outdoors is a picnic – so we wanted to share some of our favorite picnic picks! To make sure we prepared for our picnic correctly we referred to this helpful article from Real Simple and packed some of our favorite cheeses, whole grain bread, seasonal fruits and veggies, wine and dark chocolate. Hope you’re able to enjoy a lovely picnic this weekend!