Ballet Beauty - Stage Lashes

Ballet Beauty Stage Lashes Ballet Beauty Stage Lashes Ballet Beauty Stage Lashes

Ballet Beautiful trainer and professional dancer Samantha Burns shares her secrets to stage ready lashes without the fuss of falsies.

False eyelashes (falsies) are the capstone to any stage makeup look.  They help to define your eyes and allow your expressions to read all the way to the back of a packed theater.  As a dancer I have been wearing fake lashes for almost 20 years and they have always made me feel polished and glamorous.  When wearing my everyday makeup I love recreating the glamorous flutter and feeling of full lashes without the hassle of lash application.  Here are a few tricks I have learned to fake fuller lashes.

   1) Line! – Using a pencil, gel or felt tip liner do a technique called tightlining, also known as invisible liner.  To tightline place the tip of your liner pencil between your lashes. Wiggling the pencil between your lashes fill in the spaces working from outer corner to inner corner.  *I have found a soft tip, self-sharpening, WATERPROOF liner works best for this.

   2) Curl! – After tightlining you may find your lashes have flattened out or clumped together.  Perk them back up by using a lash curler.  This also provides a great base for your final step.

   3) Coat! – Finish your fluttering lash look with mascara.  The trick here is to use two different mascaras that have complimentary formulas. For example, use one that lengthens and another that adds volume.  Apply the first mascara buy putting the brush close to the lash line and wiggling to separate the lashes as you pull the brush through.  Start the second formula no longer then 1 minute after the first (mascara can flake if it’s too dry) use long strokes from root to tip. *I have found if the second formula I use is waterproof it holds my look longer.

These tips and tricks can be used with any makeup look!  Do you have any favorite ways to add glamour to you look?

Xo Samantha