Ballet Glossary: Plié


Every ballet class begins with a plié. Here is our how-to guide on using your pliés to sculpt your Ballet Beautiful body.

Plié means "bent, bending." In ballet, plié is a bending of the knees, usually performed in one of the six positions of the feet. Demi-plié is a small or half bend of the knees, keeping the heels of the feet flat on the floor. Grand-plié is a full or large bend of the knees. In a grand plié the legs bend deeply enough that the heels come off of the floor at the bottom of the plié in all positions except 2nd.

In this video Mary Helen breaks down the position and shows you how to make sure your pliés are on pointe to maximize your Ballet Beautiful workouts!

Put your plié work into practice with our new Ballet Beautiful Body - Legs workout!